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Television personality Barbara Walters arrives for the premiere of the film "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" in New York September 20, 2010. (Photo : REUTERS/Lucas Jackson )

After a half-century of pioneering TV journalism, Barbara Walters announced that she plans to retire in May 2014.

The 83-year-old ABC News personality began her career as a reporter, writer and panel member on NBC's "Today Show in 1961 before becoming a news anchor and talk show host on ABC in 1976 where she went on to host ABC's 20/20 and "The View."

Some aren't surprised by Walters' announcement to retire being that she had a health scare when she suffered a cut on her forehead after falling on a stair while visiting the British ambassador's residence in Washington in January. She also underwent surgery to repair a heart valve three years ago.ABC plans to pay tribute to her dedication and longtime stint as a trailblazing journalist and TV host.

Throughout her career, Walters has interviewed a number of renowned celebrities, newsmakers and politicians including every US president and first lady since Richard Nixon, the late Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi and Michael Jackson. However, one of her most prized news specials was her "10 Most Fascinating People" list at the end of each year which she started in 1993.

Here's a rundown of some of her most memorable interviews from her "10 Most Fascinating People" program special.

1. Lady Gaga
The international superstar spoke candidly about her upbringing and her sexuality with Walters in 2010.

2. Bradjolina
Hollywood star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sat down for a joined interview in 1996.

3. Betty White
Betty White was featured on the show in 2010.

4. Jerry Springer
 The controversial talk show host made the list in 1996.

5. Gov. Chris Christie
The NJ Governor made the list in 2012.

6. The Kardashians
Many Americans were outraged when the senior journalist chose the Kardashians as one of her top 10 most interesting people in 2011.

7. Hillary Clinton
Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton addressed the notion that she will run for president in 2016 on the Barbara Walters' special in 2012.

8. The Jersey Shore
The cast of MTV's "The Jersey Shore" joined Walters for an interview in 2010.

9. Sarah Palin
The former Alaska Governor talked to Walters in 2010.

10. Gabby Douglas
The teen Olympic gymnast champ was featured on the special in 2012.

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