By Francisco Salazar ( | First Posted: Mar 21, 2013 05:37 PM EDT

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The "upcoming" Jenni Rivera film continues to make headlines with the latest revealing that Rivera's sister Rosie plans to make the only biopic based on her famous sister.

Upon hearing that Francisco Joel Mendoza would direct a film on her sister, Rosie wrote a press release stating that she was the only one who had the rights to make the film. She added that she did not know whether Jenni had ever met Mendoza but knew for certain that her sister never authorized the director to make a movie about her. Rosie also stated that Jenni's family, children and Jenni Rivera Enterprises would not give Mendoza or any other director authorization for the film and that the only film to be produced will be under her supervision and under JRE.

Cynthia Rivera, wife of "La Diva del la Banda's" publicist Arturo Rivera, also added that her husband never had any contact with Mendoza and was sure he had never authorized such a film.

Mendoza was quick to respond on "El Gordo y La Flaca" stating that he had the rights to the film. He also mocked the family adding that they were not the law and that he did not have to ask them for anything. He also criticized the families planned film stating that no matter they cast whether it is Jennifer Lopez or Rivera's daughter La Chiquis, the movie will be a complete fiasco.

Ever since January, buzz about a Rivera biopic has emerged in the media. Actress Angelica Vale and Model/Actress Alicia Machado have been rumored for the role.

Additionally, the movie was also speculated to be produced by Jennifer Lopez. The Singer/Actress stated that she believed that Rivera's life should be given a Hollywood treatment like Selena. Rivera's sister Rosie also confirmed that she had met with Lopez about the project and stated that Nuyorican productions would produce and finance. However, Lopez later denied any involvement.

A concert movie is scheduled for release in July but there is no word on the biopic. The third season of Rivera's reality TV show "I Love Jenni," will premiere on April 14 on Mun2. The series will show footage of Rivera shot a month before her fatal death. 

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