By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Mar 13, 2013 01:52 PM EDT

Although fans are excited for the upcoming fourth season of "Arrested Development," they're also saddened to hear that it will be the last. It's been a long, agonizing wait for new episodes since the show was cancelled in 2006 and it seems cruel that the payoff is so short lived. However, in a recent twist of events, series star Will Arnett and executive producer Ron Howard indicate otherwise.

Rumors have been circulating that the Netflix release of season four will be a one-and-done, but Arnett sees things differently. "I don't think that that's actually true. I think that was something that came out the wrong way," Arnett told Access Hollywood.

"For the last couple weeks, that's been kind of the story and now they've kind of come back to [say], 'No it's not exactly what'... I'm not... it's kind of murky as to what they mean, but from what I understand, that's not true," he said. Although Arnett's claims are vague, it still inspires hope in diehard "Arrested Development" fans for life beyond season four.

Howard didn't have much more to offer, but didn't dispute any of Arnett's claims. "We're still hoping to build a movie and in a lot of ways... Getting the Bluth family on people's radar, in a kind of contemporary way, [is] so we can move forward with it as a movie," Howard said. "It's not a happening thing, but it's something that is being discussed."

There's been no official word on an "Arrested Development" feature film to follow season four, however actor Jason Bateman stated in a recent interview that the new season will end on a major cliffhanger that will serve as a precursor to a subsequent movie. As long as the show breathes after the fourth season, fans will be appeased.

"Fans got the show back on the air. I'm hoping that the support will propel it on into the movie theaters as well," Howard said. "I think the show's always going to be defined by the fans. So, who knows what's possible."

Well if it's up the fans, "Arrested Development" will carry on into eternity. They can't get enough. Unfortunately, the show's future is in the hands of its creators and all we can do is sit and wait anxiously for a verdict. At least season four will be released via Netflix in May. That should keep fans content for, say, a couple hours.

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