By Rafal Rogoza ( | First Posted: Mar 11, 2013 05:08 PM EDT

Courtesy of YouTube.

The North Korean propaganda ministry has released another anti-American video that surfaced this weekend on YouTube. Typically the videos commonly produced by the Hermit Kingdom show images of impending boom and nuclear armageddon raining down on the United States and its alleys.

But this latest four-in-a-half minute long video, entitled "How Americans Live Today", depicts the land of plenty as a backward state that has nothing to offer its people besides coffee made of snow.

"This is how Americans live today, drinking coffee made of snow and living in tents and buying guns to kill each other especially children," says the voice over translation of the North Korean speaker in the video.

The video is a combination of clips showing homeless people living out their days during the winter. Some are out on the street getting warm soups from charity groups and others are shown sleeping in transit hubs to avoid the cold. 

Some clips appear to have been taken from disaster areas where people who lost homes found shelter in tents. The North Korean government tries to pass off such scenes as the norm in America adding "You'll see that there are no birds. They've been eaten by the people that live in these tents."

"This is common in modern day America. Huddle together the poor, the cold, the lonely and the homosexual," the video says, but as bad as things are in the U.S. the video goes on to show people who the video's producers say are North Koreans passing out cakes and real North Korean coffee to the needy.

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