By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Mar 08, 2013 04:00 PM EST

The final rose will be given on Monday night as another season of "The Bachelor" comes to a close. After an emotional, tear soaked season, Sean Lowe has narrowed his choices down to the final two: Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.

The show finished taping back in November, and the show's host Chris Harrison says that Lowe is "definitely still happy" with his decision, hinting that "The Bachelor" romance is a success.

"Oh yeah, he was happy with Lindsay and Catherine [as the final two]," Harrison told E! News. "I think he aspires and hopes and looks to have something like AshLee represents, I think that's what his parents have."

In a shocking twist, Lowe narrowed his choices down to two after sending home an angry and silent AshLee.

"He'd been telling me, 'You're going to meet my family. You and my sister are going to be best friends,'" she explained at the time. "So this whole time, I'm thinking, 'Huh, I got this.' And then all of a sudden I didn't."

Harrison also noted that Lowe's final decision was a no-brainer, but that he previously "never would have predicted this final two." Lowe also admitted that his decision was almost too overwhelming, causing him to break down in tears.

""You're going to see me, basically, have a mental breakdown," he said in a recent interview. "I get to a point where I'm like, man, both of these girls are so wonderful and I could see my life heading in either direction. And I don't know what to do, and I'm torn."

Who do you think is best for Lowe? Should he choose the free-spirited 26-year-old Catherine? Or would the 24-year-old general's daughter be better for the young bachelor? Vote for your favorite below and be sure to watch the two-hour season finale of "The Bachelor" Monday at 8p.m. on ABC.

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