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In Jules Stewart latest film "K-11," Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo will play Julio 'Mousey' Ruiz, a vicious transsexual Chicano that rules section K-11, a separate unit for homosexual and transgender criminals within a maximum security prison in Los Angeles.

"She is basically the queen of K-11 ... she is a transgender woman that hasn't gotten all of the surgeries done and she has a special relation with the protagonist," she told El during an interview. "She is a woman full of psychological traumas but is incredibly self-assured; she is a drug addict and violent but the audience learns to love her."

According to ShowBizCafe, this is Del Castillo's most challenging role thus far, and it seems like the actress agrees.

"It was one of those opportunities that you only get once in a lifetime, a very big challenge, a risk but I like that it is a character that will provoke a reaction," she told El

In order to make it a believable character and have Mousey come alive, "La Reina del Sur" actress immersed herself in that world through research.

"Before the movie I was not connected with (anything) transgender," she added during the interview. "I found an advisor, the same one that helped Felicity Huffman in 'Trasnamerica,' who got me closer to that world. I read all of the books I could and I saw all of the movies I could and I searched for information on the internet to learn more about that world that seems so far from us, and about which there is much ignorance."

The film stars Goran Visnjic ("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo") as Raymond Saxx, Jr., a business man who after binge drinking and drug use knocks out cold and wakes up in K-11. He is not sure how he got there but he does know that he needs to get out. Saxx will attempt to navigate through the world of gay and transgender criminals, corrupt guards and his own vices in order to come out alive and intact.

According to ShowBizCafe, the film will be released on March 15, 2013 in various theaters around the country, including New York's Cinema Village, Los Angeles' Laemmle NoHo Theater, Phoenix's Film Bar and Columbus' Gateway Film Center.

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Here is a look at the official K-11 trailer:

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