By Michael Oleaga ( | First Posted: Feb 27, 2013 03:13 PM EST

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet out of stock on Feb. 26 (Photo : Microsoft)

The brightness of the Surface with Windows 8 Pro has been brought to the attention of Microsoft.

The Microsoft Community forums featured a thread titled "surface pro brightness bug," by user prose16343, who wrote, "The surface pro randomly brightens and dims even when auto brightness and dimming is completely shut off."

Prose16343 noted contacting Microsoft chat support and wrote they are aware of the issue, "it's taking longer than expected."

"I just wanted to post here to create more visibility and awareness of this annoying bug. I hope it gets fixed soon. It's most noticeable when an app launches or while beginning to watch a video. From what I've heard it happens with RT too," Prose16343 added.

Two days after prose asked the question, Forum Moderator Steven_B answered, "Sorry for the delay. We are aware that this issue occurred on the Surface with Windows RT and is occurring for some users with the Surface Pro. We are investigating what is causing the issue."

Another forum member posted a possible solution after encountering the same issue. Daov listed the following and said the issue did not happen thereafter.

1. Turn off the Auto brightness feature in PC Settings under General,

2. Set my brightness/screen to its lowest setting from the Charms menu->Settings,

3. Shutdown,

4. Turned it back on,

5. Set my brightness/screen to its highest level from the same place,

6. Shutdown,

7. Turned it back on.

Prose16343 did tried the seven steps. "No real difference for me. Maybe its better for a little bit then it does it again. I really hope they are working on this," he replied. Microsoft has not provided an additional comment or update for the brightness bug following Feb. 20.

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