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What's more exciting, winning an Oscar or being hit on by one of the film industry's most legendary stars? You don't have to answer that. Either way, Jennifer Lawrence got a bit of both at the Oscars on Sunday.

At the end of the ceremony, Lawrence was pulled aside to be interviewed by George Stephanopoulos when Jack Nicholson popped in for his own quick cameo. At first, Lawrence politely played into the advances of one of her favorite stars, but things got a bit weird as the 75-year-old continued to creep on 22-year-old Lawrence, as seen in a video posted by ABC News.

"You did such a beautiful job! I don't mean to crash your interview," said Nicholson.

"Yeah, you're being really rude," responded Lawrence, sarcastically.

"Enjoy the night. I loved you in the movie. It was great. You look like an old girlfriend of mine."

"Oh, really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?" Lawrence said, jokingly once again.

"I thought about it," he said as he ducked away out of view.

"Oh my God! Is he still there?" she said as her head collapsed into her hands.

"I'll be waiting!" he added as he popped back into view.

"Oh my God! I need a rearview mirror!"

Perhaps she does. Perhaps she doesn't. Nicholson could have easily been joking around with the young star, but unfortunately for him, Lawrence may not have seen it that way. Her reaction makes it difficult to categorize the interaction as innocent flirtation, regardless of Nicholson's intentions.

Well Lawrence better get used to it. The young, beautiful actress is well on her way to the top and there are many more 'Nicholsons' that she'll have to deal with along the way.

Check out the video of the behind-the-scenes incident:

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