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People wishing to receive the PlayStation 4 as a holiday present have received good news from Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton.

"We have several key events between now and the launch date and 9-10 months is a really a long time. The promise is pre-Christmas," Tretton stated in an interview with CNBC's Squwak on the Street. This puts the release date somewhere in the November/December, giving buyers a window to find the console during the holiday season, At the PlayStation 4 unveiling, Sony announced a holiday 2013 release time frame

Tretton also addressed criticism from some who wished to find out more about what the system will look like, stating "I can promise you that it will be plastic, it won't be triangle shaped or round. You'll see the box in due time." 

Tretton also revealed some other news that Sony fans will find interesting: the price for games on the system. Games on the system will be from 99 cents to 60 dollars, with Tretton being quoted as saying that the PlayStation 4 is "designed with the game developer in mind and the consumer in mind." Gamers will also get the chance to sample games before purchasing. 

From what Tretton has said, it sounds like the PlayStation 4 will attempt to reach a wide variety of gamers, from those looking for the traditional console experience to people wishing for a quick fix. However, Tretton also took a quick shot at the fast growing mobile game industry, claiming "The heat for the true gamer is on the console."

While Jack Tretton did not truly reveal much new information, the PlayStation 4 is slowly beginning to take shape. With such a broad price range, gamers can expect to see a variety of games available for the system when it eventually comes out. However, the exact final release date and console price have yet to be determined.  

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