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The Nokia Lumia 920 series (Photo : Nokia)

Nokia's flagship smartphone has been recognized by two tech sites for its camera and usage by fans.

The Nokia Lumia 920 was first awarded for having the best smartphone camera. Popular tech blog Gizmodo awarded the Windows Phone 8 smartphone the award against competition from Apple's iPhone 5, Samsung's Galaxy S3, Google Nexus 4, and the recently launched BlackBerry Z10.

"We tested each of the camera's abilities under a few of the most common situations, making sure each photo was taken in an equal, controlled environment, and taking care that the photos were taken from the same location, and with the same focal point," noted Gizmodo's Mario Aguilar and Nick Stango.

The Lumia 920 recorded pictures in dark conditions with no flash, and performed better than the other four smartphones, most likely due to the optical image stabilization. The Windows Phone 8 also performed well in daylight pictures.

In the end, the Nokia handset was crowned the winner with Apple's iPhone 5 landing in second and the BlackBerry Z10 rounding the top three.

Engadget conducted the second award, asking fans to vote on the best smartphone of 2012. The Lumia 920 was crowned the winner, and it appears to have won by a comfortable margin.

Competing against the iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2, LG Optimus G, HTC One X, Nexus 4, and a fellow Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the HTC 8X, the Nokia device won with 43.7 percent of the vote.

To show how comfortably Nokia won by, the second best smartphone was the iPhone 5, coming in with 13.4 percent.

In terms of exact votes, the Lumia 920 received 13,447 votes while the Apple smartphone received 4,135 votes. The Nexus 4 by Google landed in third place with 9.1 percent, or 2,795 votes.

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