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Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2013 event gave everybody what they wanted - well, almost. The gaming console manufacturer did finally announce PlayStation 4, but did not give the public a glimpse at the actual console itself. Instead, the only major piece of new hardware shown off was the brand new DualShock 4 controller. Here's what it's all about.

First off, squash any speculation you might have heard about Sony moving away from the DualShock brand. Sony has named this new controller the DualShock 4, and it promises to keep its predecessors' strengths, while adding some new flavors into the mix.

The DualShock 4 controller was introduced to the world by PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny, who, with a visible smile erupting on his face, held up the peripheral and stated, "For the first time, the new controller. And here it is, the DualShock 4."

The form factor of the DualShock 4 stays true to its roots, but has a far more chic and sleeker glaze to it. Cerny went on to mention that Sony has worked on the joysticks and trigger buttons to give gamers a tighter sense of control. The controller's rumble capabilities have also been improved, and while no specifics were mentioned, one can assume that this means more realistic and fluid feedback based on game's current scenario - not just a buzz anytime something "rumbly" happens.

It's the DualShock 4's brand-new features, however, that make it an interesting piece of gadgetry to watch. Sony has added in a touchscreen pad smack dab in the middle as another form of input, a Share button and headphone jack (for all that socializing Sony wants you to do on the PlayStation 4), and a lightbar that will help identify players more easily. This DualShock 4 will work in tangent with a new stereo camera that will "track the 3D position of the controller via its lightbar." Sounds a little...Wii-ish, but that's not necessarily a bad thing considering Nintendo outsold both Sony and Microsoft in the last generation of consoles.

Of course, the true test of the controller will come when it's finally in gamers' hands, during the 2013 holiday season - and until then, we'll just have to reserve our judgement on it.

You can watch the actual reveal here:

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