By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Feb 20, 2013 05:28 PM EST

Some say the Harlem Shake craze is already on its way out. Yet more and more Harlem Shake videos continue to be uploaded everyday. YouTube reports that over 4,000 unique videos are uploaded daily. That's a lot of videos of more or less the same 30-second dance, so it's natural that people may begin to lose interest. But in attempt to revive the 'dying' trend, users are now beginning to shake up the Harlem Shake.

The most recent Harlem Shake that's getting all the attention doesn't feature any dancing crazy lunatics dressed in ridiculous clothing at all. In fact, it doesn't feature a single person, just a washing machine. It may sound absurd, but the video accumulated 1.8 million across the web in just one day and is now deemed one of the funniest Harlem Shake videos across the Internet.

The washing machine shake isn't the only video that's straying from the pack. Another creative twist mashes the Harlem Shake meme with another viral Internet meme: Grumpy Cat. Like the washing machine video, it doesn't feature any raving kooks showing off their zany dance moves, just the cat. It surprises viewers with an anti-climatic, unexpected ending fitting of the Grumpy Cat meme that puts a new hilarious twist on the Harlem Shake.

As many now say that the February Internet fad is fading, new variations are keeping people's interest and keeping them laughing. The Harlem Shake sensation will continue to evolve and prove that it still deserves its spot among the top Internet memes of all time. Let's keep them coming.

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