By Rafal Rogoza ( | First Posted: Feb 20, 2013 03:57 PM EST

North Korean soldiers salute at Mansudae in Pyongyang, in this photo taken by Kyodo February 15, 2013, a day before the birthday of their late leader, Kim Jong-il. REUTERS/Kyodo

A new propaganda video was released by the North Korean government earlier this week showing images of American troops and President Obama engulfed in fire. Entitled "Thanks to America", the 93-second video made its first appearance on Youtube this Sunday, the New York Times reports.

To the tune of music that sounds like it's out of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, the short video shows fire burning various photos of American soldiers in combat, footage of President Obama in Congress, and screen shots of South Korean television reports of North Korea's nuclear test. The video concludes with an animation of an underground nuclear bomb test.

North Korean text scrolls throughout the video. According to the New York Times some of the text reads: "It is not incorrect to say that the United States' gangster-like policy of hostility prompted us to become a most strong military power. Thus it can be said that it was 'thanks to' the Americans that we conducted a nuclear test."

Such propaganda is common in the Hermit Kingdom, earlier this month a North Korean video posted on YouTube showed a Korean soldier dreaming about a nuclear bombing over New York City. To add to the disturbing images, the video features an instrumental of Michael Jackson song "We are the World."

Earlier this week a North Korean diplomat also made news when, on behalf of his government, he threatened South Korea with "Final destruction." The remarks were made during a UN conference that came a week after North Korea tested a nuclear bomb.

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