By Rafal Rogoza ( | First Posted: Feb 18, 2013 12:42 PM EST

Colbert Report Harlem Shake. YouTube.

Love it or hate it, everybody and their mother is doing the Harlem Shake.

Over 12,000 various 30-second-long imitation videos of Filthy Frank's "Do the Harlem Shake" have been uploaded to YouTube. Over 44 million viewers have watched the clips that typically feature a mob of dancers spontaneously breaking out into a boogie down at their office and even a military base.

The song's producer, 23-year-old Harry Rodrigues, whose stage name is Baauer, has achieved star status in only a few days since the crazed videos began to pop-up from countries all over the world. The song is a top seller on ITunes and Baauer will be performing with Just Blaze on what now has become a sold out tour.

Videos of soldiers, office staff, church choirs, and even firefighters doing the Harlem Shake have surfaced in recent days. But last week a few well known celebrities and show partook in the popular musical frenzy. Take a look below.

On the Colbert Report, comedian and anchor Steven Colbert showed he's no stiff. The late night guru of political satire catches dance fever and really shows he can move. On the steps surrounded by fans Colbert moves like P-Diddy in a Bad Boy hit.

The crew at the Daily Show also got in on the mix. While maybe not as gifted on the dance floor as Colbert, Jon Stewart sports a black helmet and struts in front of his desk on the popular show's set. This video takes a turn however, as Stewart is left by himself.

Ryan Seacrest's radio studio staff teamed up with reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner for the clip above. As you would expect everything seems calm, until the beat drops and the room goes bananas.

And finally, the NBC crew from the Today Show even did a Harlem Shake. As the television news personalities get ready to go live on the air, the studio goes wild. The video was produced on Valentines Day and show Al Roker dancing dressed as cupid.

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