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Baauer. Youtube.

A club banger that has gone unnoticed for months is now an out of control craze on Youtube.

The bumpin beats of Harlem Shake by Baauer were drowned out by the noise produced by the music industry but after an internet personality that goes by the name Filthy Frank featured the song in a hilarious 30-second clip titled "Do the Harlem Shake" on his DizastaMusic Youtube channel, the song has become a global sensation. According to YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca, some 12,000 Harlem Shake videos have been uploaded to YouTube logging more than 44 million views.

These 30-second long videos have sprung out of the cyber world and although not always entertaining, the videos are quite contagious. See dancers shake to the song's heavy base:

Even celebrities, like Jimmy Fallon, have fallen for the mania that swept through the dance world utterly flipping it on its head and putting ballet to shame.

Known for his late night moves, Fallon let the beat drop during his NBC show and with a brown blazer kept his calm until he spontaneously strutted some wacky dance moves on stage with dozens of others. Take a look below.

Hands down though, no imitation video comes close to the Brooklyn-based production put together by indie group Matt & Kim.

The duo appear high above an empty sports arena as Matt thrusts some dance moves and Kim updates her facebook status. Then, the building goes wild, thousands jump and Do the Harlem Shake as the couple loses control on stage as if possessed by the devil. Take a peek below if you dare. CAUTION: THIS VIDEO IS CONTAGIOUS.

Last but no least, an honorable mention and an encore of the Army boys from Norway who produced a Harlem Shake video responsible for introducing the latest in fine American culture to Scandinavia. The squad of 24 are in formation as one disciplined unit until they are overcome by the Shake like that little girl in the Exorcist movie, the classic original one.

Speaking of the devil, there is an actual Exorcist version of Do the Harlem Shake video. Enjoy, below:

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