By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Feb 16, 2013 03:33 PM EST

Azealia Banks has proved once again why she's rap's new bad girl. Earlier this week, the rapper upset "Harlem Shake" producer Baauer after releasing a remix to the song that spawned a YouTube phenomenon. Baauer had the remix removed from Banks' Soundcloud, giving her cause to badmouth him on Twitter.

Then Saturday morning Banks took it a step further by releasing a music video to her "Harlem Shake Remix" on Vimeo and tweeting "sick and tired of these raggedy male musicians and their scarred ego's trying to block my fu***** light."

Banks' video doesn't follow the standard 30-second Harlem Shake structure; she raps over the entire track, and instead of dancing like a lunatic in a crazy costume, she appears scantily dressed and flaunts her body with a seductive hair-whipping dance.

Although it's not generating the 44 million plus views that the Harlem Shake meme has on YouTube, the video is still turning heads, and rightfully so. Banks' smooth rhythmic rapping fits Baauers trap beat with grace, and her provocative style adds a new unseen element in comparison to all the other Harlem Shake videos.

In addition to the rapper's allure, the world is also awaiting Baauer's response. He first took her remix off Soundcloud because he never gave her permission to use the song, and after Banks' offensive comments, it's safe to say Baauer didn't approve her video either.

Watch Azealia Banks' Steamy "Harlem Shake Remix" here (Discretion Advised):

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