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Mexican actress Patty Manterola arrives at the MTV Latin America awards in Mexico City October 19, 2006. (Photo : REUTERS/Tomas Bravo (MEXICO))

Singer-Actress Patty Manterola revealed on the magazine "Hola" that she was pregnant.

The actress, who gave birth to her first child in 2012, revealed that she was pregnant once again but she was now expecting twins. She stated that her husband Forest Kolb and she were very happy with the news. She added that it was a complete surprise and that neither one of them were expecting because their plans were to have another child once their first one Lucca turned one year old.

Manterola told "Hola" that she thought it was only going to be one child. However when they did the ultrasound tests, the doctor told them they were going to have two.

She also stated that she was not scared about having twins at the same time because it would bring even more happiness to her life.  She added that she is already in the middle of her pregnancy and that the babies will be born this July. They will be both be boys and she is planning on naming them Alesso and Matteo.

Manterola also took the time to talk about motherhood and stated that Lucca is a beautiful child who she loves to spend time with. When asked about her career and how she will balance her lifestyle, Manterrola stated that she is first a mother, a wife, and then an artist. She will first concentrate on her children and then she will see how she can balance everything else.

Manterola is best known for her work with the Mexican music group "Garibaldi." She also starred in various soap operas including "La Fea Mas Bella," "Apuesta por una Amor" and "Donde Quedo La Bolita." She also appeared in various Hollywood productions including "Dukes of Hazzard," "The Singer" and "The Perfect Game." She currently works in Mexico as a TV host.

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