By I-Hsien Sherwood | ( | First Posted: Feb 14, 2013 11:26 AM EST

Konami has released a new trailer ahead of the Feb. 19 release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

This video showcases the Desperado Elite, the bosses of the private military company the game's protagonist Raiden must defeat.

In truth, the trailer is just a shorter version of the "Boss Battle" trailer released a few weeks ago, but the editing on this one focuses more on actual gameplay and fight sequences, rather than FMV cutscenes.

Raiden must topple four bosses, each with unique characteristics and abilities (some might say quirks and obsessions).

Mistral, the only woman among the Desperado Elite, makes use of multiple arms and appendages, as well as flaming whips and multiple quick attacks.

Monsoon is a cyborg with a segmented body, allowing him to separate individual body parts to strike from a distance or avoid blows that would otherwise connect. Why is it that bad guys always flaunt their main gimmick before a fight? Wouldn't they keep it secret until the last second? Ah, hubris.

The leader appears to be Sundowner, a relatively conventional bruiser who wields two serrated swords and swings pieces of terrain around. Sure, he's got, umm, six shields, but they seem to do what shields do: block stuff and hit stuff.

Of course, the surprise opponent is Samuel, aka "Jetstream Sam," who serves as Raiden's rival and likely ultimate foe. Neither the old trailer nor the new one reveal much about him, or his abilities. There's no gameplay to pick apart, so it's all speculation. Surprise!

Let's see. Either he flies or he uses strong blasts of air or fire. Or both. Though the archnemesis usually has abilities similar to the hero, so expect plenty of swordplay. And Samuel will get his own DLC pack that expands on his background. Pathos, galore!

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