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As Winter Storm Nemo approaches the Northeast and people hunker down in their homes and prepare to ride out the storm, an observatory in New Hampshire will be on the front lines of the blizzard monitoring the major weather event.

The Mount Washington Observatory, a nonprofit scientific and educational institution, has live web cams setup up around their facility in North Conway, N.H. that is said to be "home on the world's worst weather."

In fact, in 1934 the observatory observed the highest wind gust ever to be recorded by man---231 mph. 

And while the impending winter storm that is going to blanket the northeast in snow and rain accompanied with high wind will not reach gusts as high as the one recorded almost 80 years ago, major snow drifts are expected with visibilities estimated to be at zero to less than a quarter of a mile at times.

"This one doesn't come along every day. This is going to be a dangerous winter storm," said Alan Dunham--meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Taunton, Mass. as reported by ABC News. "Wherever you need to get to, get there by Friday afternoon and don't plan on leaving."

The observatory, situated at the highest point in New England at the summit of Mount Washington, will have it all go down on their website where live feeds from their cameras will monitor the storm as it barrels down on the region.

New England is expected to get the brunt of the storm, with the worst of the winter weather expected to occur Friday night into Saturday.

Boston could see snow accumulations up to 2 to 3 inches with wind gusts estimated to reach 74 mph causing concern over the possibility of widespread power outages.

Winter storm Nemo could become one of the top 10 snowstorms in history for New England, possibly breaking Boston's record of 27.6 inches in 2003---according to the National Weather Service.

And even with the less than half of the average snowfall that is expected to have arrived by this time of year, the impending storm will certainly catch up quickly to normal snowfall amounts.

"Everybody's going to get plastered with snow," Dunham said. 


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