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Remember the Budweiser Super Bowl 2013 commercial that made you cry, the one about the foal reuniting with his trainer? Well, now that baby Clydesdale officially has a name.

But first, in case you missed it, here is the commercial:

Budweiser asked fans to help name the foal, and the final name was announced today on Twitter: Hope.

Over 60,000 names were submitted, said Budweiser's tweet, and they "had so many great #Clydesdale name submissions, we decided to name a second foal as well." They named the second foal Stan, after the late St. Louis Cardinals baseball player Stan "The Man" Musial, "who died Jan. 19, just three days after the birth of one of the Clydesdales featured in the ad," according to

'Hope' the foal was just a few days old when the commercial was filmed, according to Mashable's Todd Wasserman. The baby horse was also the subject of Budweiser's first-ever tweet last Monday morning, he said.

The commercial, about a horse trainer's poignant reunion with a Clydesdale he had raised from birth, sparked instant emotional reactions from fans.

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Actress Sophia Bush posted a teary-eyed photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, "Did @misslauramoses and I burst into tears during the Clydesdale commercial? Maybe...So What?"

Twitter user @Pauly_Miller confessed, "Trying to watch the game, but still sobbing from that Clydesdale leaving the farm commercial."

And another user @BMS_Chubbs tweeted, "I now want to raise a horse, sell it to @budweiser, miss him dearly, reconnect at a parade & share a passionate horse hug, thanks #clydesdales."

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The heartwarming video topped USA Today's Ad Meter, which rates the popularity of Super Bowl commercials based on an open online survey. The commercial received a high score of 7.76 out of 10, followed closely by an ad for Tide Miracle Stain.

"Budweiser has done it again," tweeted Jimmy Fallon. "Well done."

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