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(Photo : Reuters)

A camel, about a dozen monkeys, and manatees have picked the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. These and the majority of other zoo animals that were asked to pick a winner in tomorrow's Super Bowl seem to agree that their high flying Ravens of the animal kingdom will beat the 49ers.

At the Maryland Zoo yesterday a group of eleven chimpanzees were so confident their local football team was going to take the Lombardi trophy home that they tore the Raven's banner during the frenzy that ensued the vote, according to the Associated Press.

The Zoo spokeswoman said the chimps were also given Raven colored junior sized footballs to play with.

According to the Lacy Patch, Princess the Camel of Popcorn Park Zoo in New Jersey is also betting on the Ravens. Princess knows a winner when she sees one as her Super Bowl picks have won the last seven out of eight. This football season Princess has a record most NFL teams would be jealous of, as she stands with a picks record of 11 wins and 7 loses. The 26-year-old hairy mammal makes her picks by eating crackers that have the team's name written out.

Jungle, desert, and even sea creatures like a pair of manatees in Florida are siding with the Ravens against the 49ers. At Mote's Marine's in Sarasota, manatees Hugh and Buffett made their prediction by both swimming toward the Raven helmets. Hugh has the better track record as he has selected the last five Super Bowl winners.

"They seem to have some 'sense' of how the game will turn out," said caretaker and trainer Joe Gaspard, according to a Sarasota Patch report.

Some puppies had a say in who would win the NFL championship as well. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week three puppies had a choice of chowing down from a Raven or 49er bowl full of dog food. The adorable Golden Retrievers picked the Ravens.

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