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Beyonce performs the National Anthem (Photo : Reuters)

In the past decade, no Super Bowl halftime show has been as highly anticipated as this year's Beyoncé extravaganza. Fans will sacrifice their halftime concessions and players will have trouble going to their locker rooms in fear of missing their beloved pop singer. The NFL even posted a video of players singing and discussing their favorite Beyoncé songs, which can be seen here. To give her fans an idea of what to expect, the 16-time Grammy winner offered a peek into her plans for the performance in a news conference last Thursday, according to ABC News.

"It took so many months to just decide what the stage was because some of the things that were in my head just weren't possible to put together in that amount of time," Beyoncé, 31, said during the conference.

The performance will last 12 minutes, leaving very little time for her impressive stockpile of No. 1 hits. In attempt to hinder speculation as to which songs she'll perform, Beyoncé released a short teaser of her halftime performances earlier this week.

Many fans have noted that segments of the rehearsal choreography is suspiciously similar to her hit "Single Ladies." The teaser doesn't hint at much more, as Beyoncé doesn't want to kill the suspense. "I can't give too much away but I can say that every little second matters and we're working," she said.

There have also been circulating rumors that Beyoncé intends to bring her former pop group Destiny's Child back together. The Super Bowl halftime show would be the perfectly dramatic setting to reunite the iconic trio. She neither confirmed nor denied that fellow members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams would be joining her on stage.

Regardless of which songs Beyoncé sings or if Destiny's Child will make their comeback debut at this year's Super Bowl halftime show, the fans will not be disappointed. The singer's ambition, booming voice, perfectionism, and stellar stage presence make for the perfect storm. One thing's for sure: get ready to be rocked on Sunday, and be prepared for a halftime show that could very well overshadow the excitement of the game itself.

A live stream of the entire Super Bowl and halftime show can be found here.

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