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U.S. sailors watch NFL's Super Bowl XLV football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, aboard a submarine in an undisclosed location February 2011. Like them, many around the world will tune in to watch Super Bowl XLVII's ads on Sunday. (Photo : Reuters)

For some viewers, Super Bowl XLVII is all about the big game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. For others, it's about the spectacle of the halftime show with Beyonce and (allegedly) Destiny's Child.

And then there's the other sect of viewers who watch for one of the game's most anticipated spots-the commercials.

Roughly 47 minutes and 10 seconds of the most anticipated night of football of the year Sunday will be devoted to the Super Bowl's advertisements, which are known for being the most creative, hilarious and memorable-not to mention expensive-ads of the year.

This year, the advertisements will feature brands like Samsung, Audi, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Budweiser and Volkswagon, just to name a few.

Some experts are saying that they are anticipating eagerly the ads from Chrysler, as well as an as from Samsung, directed by Jon Favreau, that will feature Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. Others are looking forward to watching Taco Bell's "Viva Young" commercial.

Already there are some ads that have been making their way onto the internet prior to the Big Game in order to get buzz going. Volkswagon's "Get In, Get Happy" commercial, which has garnered over 5 million hits so far.

This new trend has an explanation.

"The Super Bowl ads almost need spoiler alerts these days. So many brands are doing this now and it's really because of social media. So many people are talking about the Super Bowl earlier and earlier and these brands are ... terrified and they're going to be left out of that conversation, so they do away with the element of surprise and just jump right in," Tim Nudd, a senior editor at Adweek, told National Public Radio on Morning Edition.

But as much buzz as those ads are garnering-and with an exposure of what could be the largest Super Bowl audience in history, as ratings for the Super Bowl have broken records in the last three years-they will have some steep competition in terms of competing with some of the most memorable commercials in the 47-year history of the "Big Game."

Latinos Post takes a look at some of the more famous commercials in Super Bowl history:

5. “Where’s the Beef?” Wendy’s, 1984

The little old lady demanding crankily “Where’s the Beef?”became an instant smash hit during the 1984 Super Bowl. In fact, it became such a hit that Wendy’s often tried to duplicate its success afterwards. The catchphrase became one of the most lasting of all the Super Bowl commercials.

4. “Tough Under Fire” Masterlock, 1974

Master Lock’s reputation soared during this commercial aired during the 1974 Super Bowl, when a marksman’s rifle fired a bullet into one of the company’s locks—and the lock stayed closed.

3. Budweiser Frogs, Budweiser, 1995

Who could forget the often-imitated, never duplicated image of three frogs echoing the words “Bud-WEIS-eeer” in perfect unison on lily pads in the middle of a night lake?

Budweiser hit a home run during a Super Bowl that was a blowout win for the 49ers in 1995 over the San Diego Chargers, connecting with fans on a commercial that became such a hit that it evolved into the wise-cracking talking iguanas sometime after. But while those commercials gained their fans, they would never match the iconic image that the first one did.

2. Jordan vs. Bird “The Showdown”, McDonald’s, 1993

Who would have figured that a Big Mac and fries would compel two of the greatest basketball players of all time to play a game of horse that would take them to new heights…on top of the Sears Tower?

Aired during the 1993 Super Bowl, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird’s commercial shoot-out—where the first one to miss watches the winner eat—entertained fans and became one of the most memorable commercials of all-time. In fact, decades later, LeBron James and Dwight Howard would try the same thing…with a little cameo appearance from Bird at the end where the Celtics great finally ended up getting his McDonald’s lunch at their expense.

1. “Think Different” Apple Computer, 1984

It’s still the standard bearer, even 29 years after its debut in 1984.

The indelible image of the Olympic hurdler shattering the large screen that enslaved the 1984-ish drone-like people was a powerful one, harkening images of George Orwell’s famous “1984” novel. The commercial that advertised Apple’s Macintosh drew fantastic imagery and was ground-breaking for its time.

Even to this day, this ad serves as the benchmark for all other Super Bowl ads.

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