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Which NFL team has the largest Facebook fan base, and whose fans are most active on the site? The infographic explains it all. (Photo : Facebook)

This infographic shows which NFL teams have the most fans, have grown their fan base quickest, and who has the most engaged fans on the page. (Photo : Social Fresh)

If the social media world determined the Super Bowl's outcome and participants, it would be a re-match of Super Bowl XXX.

The most social team in the NFL didn't even make the playoffs, says a recent infographic by Social Fresh. The Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team" after all, if most of their fans on Facebook are U.S. residents. The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, the 2013 Super Bowl participants are behind the 'Boys by quite a bit for NFL social media supremacy. The Pittsburgh Steelers have some of the most active Facebook fans from the data presented.

Four of this year's NFL Playoff teams have fewer than one million fans on Facebook, according to the study. The Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons all are below that mark.

Five teams dominated the increase in Facebook likes over the course of this season, with the Steelers leading the charge. 11.1 percent of the new likes were of the black and yellow. The Cowboys were second, the Green Bay Packers third, the NFC Champ 49ers were fourth, and the New England Patriots wrapped up the top five in collecting the most new fans.

The Cowboys have the most likes at 5.3 million, while the Steelers had the largest volume of chatter. Fans left 351,380 comments on the Steelers' page.

In addition to having the most comments, Steelers fans commented more frequently on average than any other team, dishing out almost 44,000 comments per like of the fan page. Dallas had the second highest total in that category.

The NFC had the edge in overall likes by just less than five million at 27.6 million to 22.9.

Looking at the teams head-to-head, the Niners have the advantage in all four measured categories: page likes, post likes (this season), total comments (this season) and comments per page like.

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