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As the unveil dates for next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony draw nearer, a flurry of reports are leaking out as insiders become more confident in releasing details. The latest? It seems the PlayStation 4 will allow gamers to edit and share gameplay footage/screenshots rather seamlessly, and that Sony's recent publicity push for a Feb. 20 PlayStation reveal might say more about the looming next-gen console war than is readily apparent.

A report from Edge states that the PlayStation 4 controller's rumored "Share" button will let gamers show off their feats to friends through a simple process. Apparently, the PlayStation 4 will record 15 minutes of previous gameplay footage (all the time, in the background, with no effect on system processes, according to the report) that can then be sifted through for publicity reasons. There's no word of this on the Xbox 720, and while it certainly won't be a make-or-break feature, it's a nice novelty in an increasingly-online gaming world.

Sony recently announced that it will be holding an event in NYC on Feb. 20 to show off the future of the PlayStation brand. According to common sense and The Wall Street Journal, this should be the first time the PlayStation 4 shows its face in public.

Many expected Sony to release the PlayStation 4 after Microsoft launched its Xbox 720 console, in fact, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai stated earlier that, "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" 

But the recent revelation shows that Sony might have wised up and that the tables might have turned - it looks like Microsoft will follow Sony, not the other way around. Both consoles were expected to be revealed through standalone events before E3 2013, and we'll have to see whether Microsoft will push its reveal date up to keep from being overshadowed by Sony. After such a long time with current consoles, gamers are hungry for any hints at the future - one demand Sony looks like it has paid attention to and will fulfill within a few weeks.

Recent spec leaks have indicated that the PlayStation 4 might not pack as much firepower as the Xbox 720 (although it'll still be more than capable) and Sony's jumping the gun shows that it wants to set the tone for the next-gen console war, and not let Microsoft have a year-long head start that would it allow to blast the airwaves with spec-related PR (hello Samsung vs. Apple). We'll have to wait and see though, as Microsoft's Xbox ecosystem has proven far more successful than PlayStation's, and with cloud gaming and connectivity high on everyone's lists now, Sony will have to convince gamers that it can not only deliver top-notch gamers, but top-notch media content as well.

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