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Colin Kaepernick has some new eye candy. His reported girlfriend J. Marie is an aspiring model. (Photo :

The media has fallen in love with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick over the last month for his big play acumen, electric playing style and complicated yet uplifting story. We share some of the latest news on Kaepernick, including what he stands to win if his team is tops in Super Bowl XLVII.

Move over AJ McCarron. Colin Kaepernick has a model for a girlfriend too, and he has a chance to win an even bigger championship than the BCS. Bleacher Report says J. Marie is an aspiring model who is currently beefing up her online presence.

Colin Kaepernick throws so hard that he sometimes hurts his wide receivers's hands. This story mentions how Randy Moss has worked with some real gunslingers in the past, but didn't have stinging hands until he worked with the former Nevada Wolf Pack QB.

As if winning the 2013 Super Bowl wouldn't be enough, Kaepernick could win a tastier prize, literally. Once the restaurant found out CK was a big fan, Red Robin offered him free burgers for life, says USA Today.

Yesterday, we made the argument that Kaepernick is Tim Tebow 2.0.

The New York Times took a look at the head-to-head quarterback match-up that will happen on Sunday between Kaepernick and Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco.

For more fun facts about Colin Kaepernick, including his race and ethnicity, read this Business Insider slideshow.

You can follow Colin Kaepernick on Twitter @Kaepernick7.

Colin Kaepernick's pro football statistics are on Pro Football Reference.

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