By Francisco Salazar ( | First Posted: Feb 01, 2013 12:02 PM EST

Singer Paulina Rubio of Mexico and Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera of Spain pose for photographers after getting married in Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen April 30, 2007. (Photo : REUTERS/Henry Romero (MEXICO))

On Jan. 31 Paulina Rubio and her ex-husband Nicolas Vallejo Nagera (Colate) confronted each other in a Miami Court over the custody of their child.

Rubio reacted angrily during the proceedings and stated that her ex-husband did not care about her son and had a habit of leaving the child unattended at home while he went shopping with his sister. The Mexican singer added that when the child was sick Nagera took him to school even though the pediatrician suggested that the boy stay home and avoid contact with other children. According to Rubio, the child was sick for three weeks with a virus.

Rubio also told Judge George Sarduy that she did not want to share the custody of her child. She added that Nagera defamed her honor and stated that he was a liar.  She also contested that Nagera only cares about the publicity and his only claim to fame is being the father of her child. She argued that Nagera is otherwise useless. 

Nagera defended himself by stating that he would love to be in Spain with his family but cannot because his son resides in Miami. He added that he does not need publicity, as his family is wealthy. Lastly, he argued that he would continue to fight for the custody of his son. The case was not resolved as the two started screaming in the court. The judge ordered the two to return next week.

Paulia Rubio and Nagera were married in 2007 in Cancun, Mexico and divorced by mutual agreement in 2012.

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