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Both Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are coming off of injuries suffered during the 2012 post-season. Jeter is scheduled to be ready for Opening Day 2013 after breaking his ankle, while Rodriguez is expected to return from his hip surgery sometime after the All-Star Break. (Photo : Reuters/Ray Stubblebine)

Both Ray Lewis and Alex Rodriguez have reportedly used performance-enhancing drugs in their respective 2012 seasons. Ray Lewis used deer antler spray and pills as part of his rehabilitation. Did A-Rod use deer antler spray as well? 

Lewis and Rodriguez are tied to totally different suppliers but still managed to have the same chemical in their bodies. 

The substance Lewis allegedly used was an extract from deer antlers that is called IGF-1, which is an insulin-like protein that helps promote anabolic growth. Deer antlers have an especially high level of the protein, which helps explain why their antlers are among the fastest growing living parts on the planet.

Rodriguez's name was on a customer report from the now-defunct company Biogenesis. The company provided PEDs like testosterone, anabolic steroids and HGH to its clients.

The report also included players like Melky Cabrera, who was already suspended for failing a HGH test during the 2012 season. Other players who purchased include Yasmani Grandal, another player who has been suspended (though he will serve his suspension in 2013), Bartolo Colon (who already served his sentence after failing a test) and Nelson Cruz, a power hitter who is frequently injured. Pitcher Gio Gonzalez was on the list as well.

A-Rod just had hip surgery earlier this month. Though the procedure went well according to the surgeon, recent stories have suggested that Rodriguez might be out for the entire season instead of the six months that are normally expected.

Rodriguez has denied the claims that he has used performance-enhancing drugs, according to a recent report by the Associated Press. Ironically, if the PEDs would have the intended effect on him, they could help him return to the New York Yankees lineup sooner. Originally, he was slated to return after the all-star break, though recent rumors have suggested he might not play at all in 2013. Other reports claim that the Yankees may try to either sever ties with A-Rod entirely, or seek insurance money to cover his salary. There is also speculation that he could be suspended by Major League Baseball for his actions.

The substances Lewis consumed included an extract from deer antlers: a pill and a spray. Lewis was given a regimen from "Sports with Alternatives to Steroids" (SWATS) that prescribed 10 pills a day and a spray underneath his tongue every two hours. The program also included methods such as using holographic stickers, light to quicken the healing process and other actions with the same goal.

Mitch Ross, the owner of SWATS, claims to have video evidence of Lewis' call for the original order. Ross gave Lewis the materials for free, wishing only for an admission to using the products if asked.

Lewis has used SWATS products for a couple of years, per his own admission, but said his only connection to the organization is through former Oakland Raiders coach Hue Jackson. Not all of SWATS products are on the banned substances list for the NFL.

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