By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Jan 29, 2013 04:39 PM EST

Some members of the band have been found in a well near the scene of the kidnapping (Photo : Reuters)

On Jan. 24, a group of 10 or more gunmen stormed into a private party in Northern Mexico and kidnapped 20 individuals, including members of the Colombian band Kombo Kolombia. As of Monday, their wounded bodies were found inside a well near the scene of the kidnapping at a bar near Sabinas Hidalgo.

Jorge Domene, Nuevo León State security spokesman, reported that one victim escaped and informed authorities of the abduction. The survivor said that his colleagues had been "beaten and shot at." According to the New York Times, four of the dead have been identified as members of the group and there are indications that the other bodies found are as well.

Relatives of the band members reported the band members missing after losing cell phone contact with them on Friday and locals reported hearing gunshots around 4 a.m. Friday morning. When police arrived, their vehicles were still parked outside the venue.

A dozen bodies have been pulled from the well thus far, however authorities continue to search, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Presumably there could be more bodies, so we will extend the search as far as conditions allow it," said Domene.

Reasons for the kidnapping have not yet been determined, but Domene stated that "this was a direct attack. It was not random." Officials plan to continue looking for the band members and to further investigate the motive.

It's not rare that Mexican drug cartels kidnap or murder musicians in order to send a message. Musicians who sing 'corridos,' a very common Mexican genre that's based around the drug trade, can easily offend the wrong person. The narcotraficantes are notorious for their viciousness and know no limits to their cruelty.

However, the kidnapping of Kombo Kolombia came as a great surprise. The group sings romantic serenades such as songs like 'Solo Tu Me Haces Feliz' (Only You Make Me Happy), nothing like the 'corridos.' As the investigation continues and more bodies are identified, the level of unwarranted violence proves that the Mexican government and newly appointed president Enrique Peña Nieto have a long way to go to bring Mexico at ease.

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