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Greg Joswiak, Vice President of Worldwide iPod, iPhone, and iOS Product Marketing, Apple Inc, speaks about iPod pricing and delivery dates during Apple Inc.'s iPhone media event in San Francisco, California September 12, 2012. (Photo : Reuters)

Apple's iOS 6.1 update only came out on Monday, but it looks like a full-featured jailbreak will be available this weekend.

"In keeping with the tradition of 'Sunday is Funday,' MuscleNerd, front-man for the new Evad3rs jailbreak development team, confirmed on Twitter today that iOS 6.1 has been jailbroken, and he teased that the untethered jailbreak will release on Super Bowl Sunday," writes 9to5Mac.

In response to a tweet from a 9to5Mac writer, MuscleNerd responded, "yep, 6.1 is safe."

The untethered jailbreak is more permanent than the tethered version. Each time a user reboots their iOS 6 device, they need to run the tethered jailbreaking app again. The untethered version removes this limitation, making the jailbreak an essentially one-time necessity.

For those who can't wait until the weekend, a tethered jailbreak is available now via Redsn0w for some older devices. "As detailed by Redmond Pie, Redsn0w version 0.9.15b3 can jailbreak Apple's latest OS. The jailbreak requires that your device be tethered, meaning you'll have to connect it to your computer each time you want to use it," writes CNET.

"Further, the latest version of Redsn0w supports only older iDevices with an A4 chip or earlier. That means it'll work on devices like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and 4th-gen iPod Touch but not on the iPhone 5 or the latest iPads or Touches."

The evad3rs team already announced they had a working untethered iOS 6 jailbreak, but they've waited until after the release of iOS 6.1 to make sure Apple didn't patch any security holes they exploited.

"The Evad3rs team is made up of jailbreaking veterans," says 9to5Mac, "including MuscleNerd and planetbeing of the original iPhone Dev Teampimskeks of the Chronic Dev Team, and pod2g, who was responsible for part of the second-generation iPod touch jailbreak and other more recent jailbreaks."

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