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Cranes tower over One World Trade Center in New York's lower Manhattan, December 12, 2012. The first piece of the spire that will sit atop One World Trade Center was lifted by crane. One World Trade Center, slated to be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, was one step closer to completion on Wednesday as workers lifted the first piece of its spire to the top of the skyscraper. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS CONSTRUCTION SOCIETY) (Photo : Reuters )

Racist and sexist graffiti now blankets the inside of the new World Trade Center--a building that is supposed to represent the vigor of the U.S. after an attack that targeted all Americans and the ideals that the country was built upon. 

Now, the NY Daily News has deemed the 1776-foot building the "Tower of Hate".

And rightfully so, as the news organization captured photographs that show the inside of bathrooms in 1 World Trade Center covered in offensive graffiti that embodies hatred directed toward different sexes, races and ethnicities.


"Whites only," read an inscription smeared over urinals in a bathroom in the building.

Other examples of the invasive graffiti include attacks on President Obama.

"Where's Obama's birth certificate!!!!"

And the defacement has caught the attention of tourists visiting the area.

"It's filthy, it's shocking," said Marie-Anne Sanchez--a visitor from Paris. "This is a holy place. People died here. I don't like this. It makes me sad."

A construction worker onsite told the NY Daily News that he has a hard time walking into 1 WTC.

"We're all supposed to be there as one, the whole 9/11 thing," he said. "When you walk through the gate, you get a strong sense of pride. And then this is what you see. It's so negative. It shouldn't be on these walls."

The most abhorrent markings are found toward the top of the dedicatory skyscraper that once carried the name, Freedom Tower, according to the NY Daily News.

"Most of it's racial," an insider told the News. "Most of it--I mean, there's a lot of stuff with the N-word. But pretty much every race is covered: Spanish people, Irish people, Jewish people, women."

The insider also said that the N-word, "is written all over the place, to be honest with you. That's a big deal. It's there."

There is also graffiti targeting women.

"Woman don't belong in construction!" another caption read. "Maybe painting, that's it. Then who's gonna (perform a sex act on) us?"

The insider added that there are some positive messages inside the building but that they only account for one percent of the graffiti and says that the issue is brought up at weekly meetings with officials at the Tishman Construction Corp.

But the response, the insider said, is not a strong one.

"They might come and paint the wall, and a week later it's covered in graffiti again," the insider said.

(SOURCE: NY Daily News)

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