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Colin Kaepernick could become the most bet on player in Super Bowl history, according to ESPN.

William Hill, a Las Vegas company with 75 properties in the city has placed 10 props already just for the San Francisco 49ers quarterback and plans at least 10 more, with bets already in six figures for Kaepernick alone. Kaepernick's playing days at the University of Nevada are believed to be a large factor in the betting.

This Mercury News piece describes the history of and background information on many of Kaepernick's tattoos, which have been a hot topic of discussion in the past months.

This USA Today article discusses Kaepernick's tattoos and also his childhood, being raised by supportive and gracious adoptive parents of a different race. It wasn't easy for Colin growing up half African-American and half Caucasian in a couple of towns with not much diversity. 

Kaepernick's parents spoke out about Colin's tattoos and dating life in this video feature from KTXL in Sacramento.

In case you don't think the media adored him enough, Kaepernick just became the best friend of many a San Francisco media member. He bought 15 pizzas for the 49ers media crew on Thursday, Yahoo Sports reports.

ESPN ranked all of the players involved in Super Bowl XLVII, with Kaepernick listed at #15. (Subscription required to view)

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Joe Flacco has spent much of his NFL career away from the spotlight, but he helped his Baltimore Ravens squad with three touchdown passes in the second half to top the New England Patriots 28-13 in the AFC Championship. His college coaches saw the same traits in him as a Delaware Blue Hens QB as the ones that have served him well this post-season. Leading up to Super Bowl XLVII, we'll have features on Flacco and other key figures in the big game.

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