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And just like that, it's gone. The enigmatic, and yet quite high-profile Google-branded LG Nexus 4 has once again sold out. While T-Mobile's online store was recently accepting orders, it seems that inventory has now run out. 

If you didn't even realize the Nexus 4 was available for purchase for a limited time, don't fret. The supply of the handset has been so erratic and counter productive that many would-be buyers have turned away in frustration. 

T-Mobile brick-and-mortar stores began selling the Nexus 4 a little while ago, but good luck finding one now - the shipments were minuscule and have mostly been gobbled up by Android enthusiasts. It was just two days ago that we were notified the T-Mobile online store was in stock, but that ray of sunshine seems to have vanished. Potential Nexus 4 owners are now in the dark.

Both the 8GB and 16GB variants on Google Play have been out of stock for what seems like an eternity, and there's no indication when it will start selling Nexus 4s again (you can visit to get an updated Google Play Nexus 4 inventory list). The reason? Interestingly enough, it's a combination of both supply and demand. 

Starting at $299 through Google, the Nexus 4 is the most attractive, affordable, high-end unlocked smartphone on the market. Sure it has no LTE, but most people can live without it, especially if it means no strangling two-year contract. It also runs the latest version of Android straight from Google, making it prime real estate for Android fans. Thanks to a combination of these and other factors, demand for the Nexus 4 has been high - far higher than Google anticipated. 

Both Google and LG have taken to blaming each other over who is responsible for the supply shortage. Google says LG has been responsible for a communication breakdown, while LG states that Google simply didn't place as many orders as it should have. Either way, let's hope that all that infighting won't choke off further Nexus 4 inventory, or get in the way of the eventual Nexus 5.

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