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New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has many similarities to the San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick, but Kaepernick already has a more impressive resume and a much better chance of staying with his current team for a while. (Photo : Reuters/Daron Dean)

Oh, Tim Tebow...Will you ever find a place for yourself in the NFL?

The rumor mill has touched on theories that moved from Arizona, Jacksonville and Chicago as Tebow's new home.

But now there is talk that the vagrant New York Jets quarterback could be moving from Broadway to Broad Street.

That's right, tack on Philadelphia to the list of possible destinations for Tim Tebow.

The undying saga continues as the Jets aim to either dump the quarterback or find a trading partner in the offseason.

John Elway gave his opinion Thursday morning on the WFAN radio show "Boomer and Carton."


"He's a good kid and he works his tail off," the Denver Broncos legendary play-caller said about Tebow.

The Broncos, where Elway is now the executive vice president of football operations, traded Tebow to the Jets last spring---coinciding with Peyton Manning's move to Denver.

"I think Tim Tebow has a lot of fans. You know, and I had to take care of the Denver Broncos," Elway said on the radio show. "And Peyton Manning was the best thing for the Denver Broncos."

Tebow did not make it too far from the bench during his time with the Jets and was dismissed as a starting quarterback after Rex Ryan nixed Mark Sanchez.

But Elway thinks that there is still hope for Tebow and said "in the right situation I think it's a possibility" that there is a spot in the league for him.

Elway also confirmed that Tebow was presented with a choice of either going to New York or Jacksonville back around the time of his trade.

"You know, we laid it out to Tim. We said 'It's up to you," he said. "I'm not going to tell you which deal I like better. But I will tell you that we did give him the option."

Tebow's choice led him to finish with a whopping 39 passing yard total for the 2012 season as a Jet.

(Source: CBS Radio )

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