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Let the media circus continue. The soft-spoken Colin Kaepernick has already had countless features written about him over the course of the past couple of months for his electric play as San Francisco 49ers quarterback, but he maintains a level head despite it all.

Between his playing style, attitude, tattoos and family history, there has been plenty to say about the sixth-youngest QB to ever start a Super Bowl (which he will be on February 3).

Kaepernick has had the same tattoo artist since his days as a Nevada Wolf Pack quarterback. Colin's recent performance has led to a boon in work for the artist, this piece says.

This USA Today article discusses Kaepernick's tattoos and also his childhood, being raised by supportive and gracious adoptive parents of a different race. It wasn't easy for Colin growing up half African-American and half Caucasian in a couple of towns with not much diversity.

The QB's parents showed off their good sense of humor over the weekend, which this photo exhibits. Mr. & Mrs. K were "supporting" a statue version of their son while it got a wedgie.

If you ever doubted his determination, read this letter Kaepernick wrote to himself in fourth grade.

Kaep's college coach thinks his former QB is ready for the biggest stage in the football world, per this story.

To get an idea of what Kaepernick was like before all eyes were on him, read this 2010 ESPN feature on him. It tells the story of his lack of college football scholarship offers, his triumphs in other sports (like wowing Nevada scouts in high school basketball with a fever), and dedication that has helped him continually improve. No one from the Nevada Wolfpack saw him play football before recruiting him.

The current Niners QB was a leader even in college, when he stood up to his coach after a tough practice and shared words of confidence that despite their bold nature, ended up the truth. This article also talks about the time Kaepernick threw a no-hitter in a high school baseball game, came home and threw up.

Kaepernick was a touted prospect in baseball as a pitcher, but always favored football, turning down an offer to play in the Chicago Cubs system in 2009. No one from the Cubs saw him pitch before drafting him that year, this story says.

This Bleacher Report article shows videos of Kaepernick's debut with the Wolf Pack and discusses how his quick rise to prominence in the NFL closely follows the same path he took in NCAA football.

Kaepernick was not even in the top-five NFL Draft discussion among college quarterbacks in his college class because of the questions about his mechanics, as this story exlpains.

Speaking of mechanics, this piece breaks down some of the things Kaepernick still has to work on with great screen shots and explanations.

We featured a five-year-old girl rapping about Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers in a previous Latinos Post story.

Kaepernick also won our NFL Player of the Week honors for his NFC Divisional Round game, rushing for more yards than any quarterback has in a game ever.

Kaepernick's net worth is not as clear as several sites have come up with quite diverse figures. One site however, values the QB's net worth at $3 million. Do you agree with the sum?

You can follow Colin Kaepernick on Twitter @Kaepernick7.

You can find Kaepernick's professional stats here.

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