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Jeremy Lin, top right, will be in town during the renowned Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah Sunday when his documentary movie "Linsanity" premieres. Lin will be flying in early, as his Houston Rockets play the Utah Jazz on Monday. (Photo : Reuters)

"Linsanity" the Movie--coming to a Sundance Film Festival near you.

Jeremy Lin, the Asian American NBA hoops player whose rise to fame captivated millions, will be on-hand Sunday when the documentary chronicling his rise to stardom last season debuts at the renowned Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Evan Jackson Leong, the director who filmed the movie, was looking forward to seeing Lin again after having worked with him on the documentary years ago.

"I'm excited for Jeremy that he will be able to experience his Sundance Premiere after all," Leong told USA Today. "I'm thrilled that as a director, I'll be able to watch the finished film with my film's subject."

Leong has been shooting Lin on film since the Palo Alto, Calif., native was playing basketball at Harvard University and during the periods Lin was playing in Golden State and Houston before being cut and picked up by the Knicks last season.

The film's central focus will be on the aftermath of the global phenomenon known as "Linsanity" after Lin caught the attention of fans worldwide with his sensational play coming off the bench--and out of obscurity--to turn the Knicks' struggling season around.

Now a Houston Rocket, Lin's schedule works out perfectly, as the Rockets will fly to Salt Lake City on Monday to play the Jazz, which allows Lin to catch the film's debut at the festival the night before with several of his teammates.

The film is already a hit with critics. Steven Zeitchik of the L.A. Times calls the film "" of the most crowd-pleasing documentaries to play the festival this year. Sports fans stood up and cheered, while a coach said he thought it should be mandatory viewing for high school athletes."

The Salt Lake City Tribune also hails Leong's documentary of Lin as " a skillful mix of interviews, home movies, NBA film and candid moments. He hits on the issues of racism and Lin's religious faith, but he doesn't hit you over the head with them."

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