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Zombie mode also appeared in Call of Duty 3 and Black Ops 1 (Photo : Activision)

The Nuketown Zombies map for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is finally out for PlayStation 3 gamers on the PSN.

The much-wanted map for the hit video game was originally supposed to come out on January 17th, while the Xbox 360 version got the downloadable content map back late last year. But PlayStation network maintenance delayed the release until this past weekend, when season pass holders got their first crack at the new zombie-themed COD map,  says the Examiner, PC versions of Black Ops 2 can download the Nuketown Zombies map now too.

Here's Call of Duty's official trailer for the map.

Speaking of awesome DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops 2, players with Xbox 360s can expect the DLC map pack "Revolution" soon. The map pack will be available on January 29th on Xbox 360. It will cost 1200 Microsoft Points, according to WebproNews.

Revolution will include four new regular multiplayer maps: "Downhill," "Hydro," "Mirage," and "Grind." Hydro, a hydroelectric dam which ocassionally floods parts of the map and liquidates anyone in the pasth of rushing water, promises to be interesting.

Another map in the DLC is a new zombie mode map cleverly titled "Die Rise," which, you guessed it, takes place in a series of crumbling maze-like zombie-infested skyscrapers. If you always wanted to play as a zombie, the new mode "Turned," will give you a chance to do that - pitting everyone in the game as zombies against a lone human survivor.

Also in the Revolution DLC will be a new gun. Called the "Peacekeeper," an SMG/Assault Rifle hybrid which is actually the first bonus DLC weapon ever offered in the history of the Call of Duty franchise.

For the preview trailer of The Revolution DLC Map Pack, check out the video below.

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