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Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln (Photo : Buena Vista )

The Producers Guild of America is thought to be one the most important awards for a film in order to win the Best Picture accolade at the Academy Awards. This year the guild chose ten films of which eight are nominated for Best Picture at the Oscar.

A win for any of the eight will elevate its chances at the Academy. Previous winners include "The Artist," "The King's Speech," "The Hurt Locker," and "Slumdog Millionaire," all of which won the Best Picture Oscar.

Argo-Ben Affleck's third feature was the front-runner until the Academy did not nominate it for the Best Director Award. The film has won the Golden Globe and Critics' Choice awards but Academy members do not choose those awards.  As a result, in order to secure a win at the Academy, Argo must garner the PGA's top award.

Beasts of the Southern Wild-Benh Zeitlin's film has a strong chance of winning the award especially after garnering a strong showing from the Oscar nominations. However, its lack of precursor awards and the fact that the film has no stars could hurts its potential of winning.

Django Unchained-Quentin Tarentino's controversial western looks like a placeholder as it has not won a single Best Picture accolade and many pundits have been disconcerted by the amount of violence in the film. The fact that it also did not garner a director nod at the Oscars and no SAG nominations also puts it at a disadvantage.

Les Miserables-Tom Hooper's epic musical seemed like the perfect candidate to win the award after a obtaining major SAG and DGA nominations. However, the fact that film obtained no director nod at the Oscars hurt its chances. "Les Miserables" could win if the Guild decides to give a musical the award.

Life of Pi- Ang Lee's film has garnered buzz ever since it landed 11 Oscar nominations. The film's strong showing elevated its momentum and made many think that it could surprise. However, the fact that it has no acting nominations and no SAG nominations puts the film at risk. If the PGA awards the film, it could become the first film to win without SAG nominations.

Lincoln-Steven Spielberg's biopic about the life of Lincoln is the front-runner given the fact that it was nominated for 12 Academy Awards and all four Guilds. The film has everything going for it, including a strong box office performance. If "Lincoln" wins the PGA, it is sure to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Moonrise Kingdom-Wes Anderson's comedy was supposed to be nominated for the Academy Award after winning the Gotham Award. However, it slowly lost momentum throughout awards season. It's nomination for the PGA is a consolation prize as the film has no chance of winning after of being snubbed at the Oscars.

Silver Linings Playbook-David O. Russell's dramedy is "Lincoln" and "Argo's" biggest threat at this point. The film garnered a strong showing at the Oscars and was nominated for three out four guilds. It also won the Toronto Film Festival, an award that Academy Award winners "The King's Speech" and "Slumdog Millionaire" won before taking home Best Picture. However, its lack of precursor awards and lack of BAFTA praise could hurt its chances.

Skyfall-Like "Moonrise Kingdom," Sam Mendes' Bond film is not nominated for the top Oscar and therefore has no chance of winning the PGA. Its inclusion in the list is recognition for being one the best Bond films of all time.

Zero Dark Thirty-Like "Argo," Kathryn Bigelow's thriller was also thought to be a front-runner after winning a number of awards. However, the film quickly lost momentum when it fell into controversy and Academy members started boycotting the film. Bigelow also failed to garner a directing nomination. If "Zero Dark Thirty" surprises, it could regain its momentum.

Predictions: "Lincoln" is most likely to win the PGA. Steven Spielberg has not won the award for a live action feature since 1999, when "Saving Private Ryan" won.  

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