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Joe Biden debates Paul Ryan last October. (Photo : Reuters)

Joe Biden may be living the last four years in the White House as vice president, but another four years could be in the plans as president.

Many media organizations have been speculating if a Biden-2016 presidential run is in the works due to recent screen time and even gaffes made by the former Delaware senator.

Real Clear Politics (RCP) reported, "Since the Obama-Biden re-election in November, the loquacious vice president has been all over the place, doing everything from the ceremonial (attending the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia) to the monumental: leading a high-profile presidential task force on gun violence that will make recommendations to Obama..."

RCP noted Biden has even been involved in the "fiscal cliff" negotiations with Senate Republicans and visited New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy.

Ken Walsh of U.S. News stated Biden is expected to remain as a "deal maker" in the next four years while President Obama continues his work with new cabinet appointments.

MSNBC highlighted Biden's choice of Associated Justice Sonia Sotomayor to administer the oath on Sunday and Monday's inauguration. Sotomayor is the Supreme Court's first Hispanic and fourth female judge for administer an oath of office. The use of Sotomayor could be seen as a favor to female and Hispanic voters, who voted favorably for the Democrats during the latest election cycle.

Veteran pollster John Zogby declaring "Biden Watch" has begun. Zogby commented on Biden's chances on running, stating, "or this pollster: good to very good."

"Let's look at his strengths. First is his experience, his resume. Elected to the Senate in 1972, served six terms and has chaired several major committees including Foreign Affairs and Judiciary," wrote Zogby. "Indeed, it was this very quality that made him the perfect choice to be Obama's running mate in 2008. No one can doubt that Joe Biden is prepared to be President."

The vice president also gaffed during the Iowa State Society Inauguration Ball on Saturday, "I'm proud to be president of the United States."

The ball is also significant as Iowa is considered as a battleground state during the elections.

Biden did correct himself, stating, "I'm proud to be vice president of the United States, but I am prouder to be Barack Obama's, President Barack Obama's, vice president."

Biden did comment on a potential 2016 run, telling CNN, "I haven't made that decision. And I don't have to make that decision for a while. In the meantime, there's one thing I know I have to do no matter what I do no matter what I do. I have to help this president move this country to the next stage."

If Biden does run, he will be the oldest president in the White House, at 74.

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