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Oktay Enimehmedov (right) is seen rushing at Ahmed Dogan (left) during a speech and attempting to fire a gas pistol at Dogan's head (Photo : YouTube)

In what can only be described as a politician's worst-case scenario, a recent video showcasing an assassination attempt on Bulgarian chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedom Ahmed Dogan has caught on fire. Since its release on Jan. 19, 2013, the clip has garnered almost 1.5 million views in two days.

Dogan, who is of Turkish descent, is seen making a speech before would-be gunman Oktay Enimehmedov rushes the stages and attempts to unload some firepower at point-blank range at Dogan's head. The gun apparently misfires, and Enimehmedov is then tackled and viciously beaten by security present at the conference in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital.

Watch the clip:

While it's easy to write this off as ill-prepared and rather silly-looking assassination attempt, there's more to the story than what appears on camera. New reports are indicating that the assassination attempt wasn't lethal in any way. Instead, it seems that Enimehmedov, 25, was using a gas pistol loaded with pepper spray.

"With this gun one cannot kill a person. With these bullets one can't kill a person either," Bulgaria's deputy chief prosecutor Borislav Sarafov told Sofia news outlet Novinite.

Enimehmedov has been keeping silent in custody, so it'll be hard to get the full story until he decides to open up to authorities or the press. Until then, it looks like the video's side of the story is what most people will be taking away from the whole spectacle.

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