moon bombardment

NASA Says Moon And Asteroids Both Were Hit By Bombardment

What does Earth's moon and several of the larger asteroids hovering around our solar system have in common? Well, according to NASA, they've both been blasted under a bombardment of asteroids in the past.
Asteroid Vesta

Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Fly By Earth in 'Record Setting' Close Shave

Half the size of a football field, asteroid 2012 DA14 will give the Earth a "record-setting" close shave, passing closer to our planet than many satellites when it buzzes by later this month, NASA scientists announced.

Vesta's Carbon-Rich Black Marks Craft Road Map for Life on Earth

Two to three billion years ago, a carbon-rich object crashed into the asteroid Vesta and formed dark blemishes on its surface, according to scientists working on NASA's Dawn mission.

NASA Discovers Liquid-Carved Gullies on Vesta Asteroid; Did Water Burrow Beneath Its Surface?

NASA's Dawn satellite, which has surveyed the Asteroid Vesta for over a year, has gathered data which suggests the presence of liquid flow on the airless rock.
Vesta Hydrogen

Asteroid Vesta Discovered to Have Unexpected Amounts of Hydrated Material By NASA's Dawn Spacecraft (VIDEO)

The NASA Dawn spacecraft discovered hydrated materials that left wide coloration on the giant asteroid.

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