Solar Eruption Rises Above Sun

Massive Hole in the Sun as Big as 50 Earths [Photo]

A "Corona hole" that could swallow 50 Earths has been causing geomagnetic storms and aurora borealis appearances on Earth.
The Sun

It Walks Like a Sun and Talks Like a Sun: Scientists Discover Solar Twin

It's hard for researchers to gauge what's going on in the long-term with the heavenly bodies. But now, scientists in Brazil have found a solar twin to the sun that may help shed light on just that. Approximately 250 light-years away, the star named HIP 102152 is a virtual match for our own sun. Sitting in the constellation Capricornus, the star is referred to as a "solar twin" for the degree to which it's identical to our planet. However unlike the Sun, this star is 8.2 billion years old. Since our sun is 4.6 billion years old, scientists believe they'll be able to learn more about what's in store for our own star as it ages in the coming eons.
Solar maximum field reversal

The Sun's Magnetic Flip and How It Will Affect Earth

The peak of the sun's solar cycle, which runs about 11-years long, is about to hit. That means that the sun's magnetic field is about to flip, completely reversing its field in about three to four months.
NASA IRIS Telescope

NASA's IRIS Telescope Opens its Doors and Snaps the Sun's Atmosphere in Unprecedented Detail

A new NASA telescope has scientists excited as it offers an unprecedented view at the seldom-seen atmosphere of the sun.

Solar Tsunami Shows Sun's Magnetic Field is 10 Times Weaker than a Fridge Magnet [Video]

A violent solar tsunami rippling across the sun's surface has provided scientists with the first accurate measurement of the sun's magnetic field, which turns out to be weaker than your average fridge magnet.

NASA Launches New Spacecraft to Study the Sun [Video]

In an effort to better understand the sun, NASA launched the new IRIS (short for Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph) spacecraft Thursday, June 27. IRIS will point a telescope at the sun and attempt to understand how the sun creates such volatile energy.
Summer solstice solar flare

Sun Rings In the Summer with Solar Fireworks

While most of us in the northern hemisphere celebrated summer solstice with our feet planted firmly on the ground, it looks like the sun had its own party 93 million miles away. Our parent star unleashed some fireworks of its own in the form of a solar flare.
Comet Lovejoy

Comet Lovejoy's Sun-Grazing Stunt Reveals Sun's Magnetic Fields [Video]

Comet Lovejoy's trip into our sun 1 1/2 years ago not only helped it earn title of "The Great Christmas Comet of 2011," it has revealed secrets about the sun's magnetic field itself, according to a new study.

Galactic Brothers Earth and Venus Separated by the Sun, Formed Opposite Landscapes Thanks to Ultra-Violet Rays

For years, scientists have been unsure why Venus developed to host vast swaths of molten rock, while the Earth cultivated countless species. Now, a group of Japanese scientists have discovered the key factor in each planet's contradictory development: distance from the sun.
Sun solar flare

Four X-Class Flares In Two Days Highlight The Arrival Of The Sun's Solar Maximum [Video]

Looks like things are really heating up. In a rare 2013 display of its immense power, the sun unleashed four massive X-class solar flares upon our solar system over the matter of two days, highlighting the arrival of its solar maximum.
The Earth's Layer

Earth's Core Temperature Comparable To The Sun's Surface, Study Says

A recent study from scientists at France's CEA research agency reveals that the Earth's core is as hot as the Sun's surface. According to the study, the temperature of the Earth's core is measured at 6,000 Celsius, a range on par with the temperature with the Sun's surface.

Saturn's Rings Are As Old As Our Solar System And Gave Birth To Prometheus

A new fine-toothed examination of NASA's Cassini spacecraft's observations of Saturn has revealed that its breathtaking rings are "vintage goods" stemming from our solar system's birth, and are actually the origins of one of Saturn's moons.
Voyager 1

Voyager 1 Leaves Solar System And Enters Interstellar Space...Or Does It?

For a while, it looked like Voyager 1 might have hit another milestone in space exploration - interstellar space - but a revised outlook states there's still some ways to go. The probe, launched by NASA back in 1977, is indeed still in our solar system, NASA has stated.

NASA Films Amazing Plasma 'Rains' on Sun (VIDEO)

NASA released a spectacular video on Wednesday that was captured by a sun-watching spacecraft and shows loops of superheated plasma raining down on the sun's surface.

IBEX Ribbon Around Our Solar System Caused By Re-Charged ENAs, New Study Says

A mystical ribbon of particles surrounds the region of space between our solar system and interstellar space. Known as the edge of the heliosphere, it has baffled scientists as to what the nature and cause of such a cosmic phenomenon could be. A newly proposed "retention model" suggests that the ribbon is the result of charged particles escaping as neutral atoms.

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