World Robot Exhibition 2015 In Beijing

Elon Musk, Silicon Valley Rallying Against Robot Domination

Silicon Valley personalities have begun a well-funded movement against Artificial Intelligence,
SpaceX Falcon 9

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Blasts Off From Vandenberg Air Force Base In California [Video]

Private spaceflight company SpaceX successfully launched their much-improved unmanned Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday in California as part of their goal of sending a commercial satellite into space later this year.
SpaceX Grasshopper

Watch SpaceX's Grasshopper Launch, Hover, Travel Horizontally, and Return Safely Back to Earth (Video)

Elon Musk's experimental vertical launch and landing rocket, the Grasshopper, just made another successful test flight. Watch the video here.

NASA: Sequester Could Delay US Plan to Launch Astronauts by 2017

The budget sequester could cause delays for the planned NASA manned flight in 2017.
SpaceX Grasshopper

SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket Completes A 24-Story Touchdown

As space technology in the United States is increasingly taking a market swing towards the private sector, well-known NASA compatriot SpaceX has just demonstrated another feat free of government intervention - a rocket that has is reusable after a leap into the skies.
SpaceX Launch

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Hits A Snag, But NASA Thrusts On To The ISS

It was a harrowing few hours for both SpaceX and NASA as the private space corporation hired to ferry supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) hit a snag - the Dragon capsule's thrusters malfunctioned. Thanks to some quick on-the-feet thinking, however, the crisis has been averted, and the capsule is on its way to astronauts aboard the ISS, albeit with a slightly later ETA.
The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from Space Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Florida October 7, 2012

SpaceX Plans Next Launch to International Space Station for Mar. 1, NASA Invites Social Media Users

Private space exploration company SpaceX is planning its next payload delivery via rocket to the International Space Station on Mar. 1.
The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from Space Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Florida October 7, 2012

SpaceX Plans to Put Employee Astronauts Into Orbit By 2015

SpaceX, the private commercial space flight company, is planning to put some of its own employee astronauts into orbit by 2015.

SpaceX Successfully Tests Reusable Rocket: "Grasshopper" Hovers Vertically 12 Stories Off Launch Pad (Full Video)

SpaceX has successfully tested a reusable rocket that could someday help cut down on the expense and waste of launching objects into space.
Astronaut Sunita Williams

NASA to Invest $30 Million On Boeing, Sierra Nevada Corp. and SpaceX For Future Space Vehicles

Each private company will receive roughly $10 million each to develop and certify space vehicles that will transport NASA's crew and materials to the International Space Station.
Visitors look at an Apollo spacesuit before a public memorial service for U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio August 29, 2012.

40 Years After Last Moon Mission, Tickets Are For Sale: Golden Spike Space Startup Offers Lunar Trip for Two for $1.5 Billion

a company founded by former NASA scientists involved in the Apollo missions is hoping to offer tourist flights to the moon by 2020.

Satellite Destroyed During SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Due to Engine Failure

Satellite operator Orbcomm announced on Friday that a prototype satellite was lost after one of the engines on SpaceX's Falcon 9 failed early during Sunday's launch towards the International Space Station.

SpaceX Successfully Launches Resupply Mission To International Space Station (+VIDEO)

The privately owned company is the first to launch a resupply mission to the space station from the United States.

SpaceX Completes Test Ahead of October 7 Launch to Resupply the International Space Station

The private space travel company, SpaceX, completed its final testing before its resupply mission on Sunday.
Mars Settlement

Humans on Mars 3: Mars Race Sped Up by Private Sector but Delayed by Governments

As budget cuts hit NASA, the United States will be increasingly reliant on the private sector to help spur progress towards the eventual settlement of Mars.

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