South Korea 'Gangnam Style' Tourist Police Make First Public Debut, Perform Famous Psy Horse Dance

South Korean officials have come up with a clever way to both respond to a recent boom in tourism and to make tourists feel safe and welcome in the country’s capital city, Seoul.

Psy New Album: 'Gangnam Style' Rapper to Drop New Music in September

South Korean rap sensation PSY announced that he will be releasing a new album in September. He tweeted that he has completed three songs for the album, which he is recording in Los Angeles with composer Yoo Gyun Hyung, the composer behind the enormous hit "Gangnam Style."

Psy New Dance Called 'Abracadabra'? YouTube Music Video Unveiled; KPop Fans React to 'Gentleman' and New Viral Song

South Korean music sensation Psy has finally released the much-awaited follow up to his international viral hit 'Gangnam Style,' an electro-pop number called 'Gentleman.'

PSY New Song 2013 - YOUTUBE Live Streaming of 'Gentleman' Release [VIDEO]: Watch Concert Directly From Seoul Olympic Stadium

South Korean YouTube sensation Psy is performing his new song release concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium in South Korea.

Psy's New Song 'Gentleman' Dance Revealed? Fan Posts Video Tutorial on YouTube

In less than 24 hours, international pop sensation Psy will be unveiling the new dance to his new single, "Gentleman," during a streamed live concert in Seoul.

Psy's 'Gentleman' Single Launches: Fans Project Mixed Reactions on Twiiter

Psy is out to prove he is no one hit wonder with new single, 'Gentleman.'

PSY New Song: Listen Here To 'Gentleman,' A Poor Follow-Up To Performer's Smash Hit 'Gangman Style' [Opinion]

PSY's newest single has leaked early, giving fans a chance to listen before he unveils the subsequent dance and music video.

Psy New Song: South Korean Singer to Premiere New Single 'Gentlemen' on April 12

South Korean YouTube sensation Psy hopes to recreate his success with his hit single "Gangnam Style" with his upcoming song called "Gentleman." The new song, which will come with a new dance, is set for release on April 12.

PSY's New Song Is Titled 'Gentleman'; Hopes To Spark Another Worldwide Dance Craze April 13

PSY has announced the title to his new track, set for release on April 13 during a live streaming event.

Gangman Style's PSY To Change The Title And Lyrics Of Next Song To Avoid Controversy

After absolutely dominating the pop culture landscape with Gangman Style, whatever PSY is working on now is going to be eagerly listened to by millions of people around the world. However, the Korean artist's song is not even out yet, and already it's making headlines.

Psy's "Gangnam Style" Follow-Up Hopes to Set New Fashion Trends, Retailers Prepare for April 13

As Psy readies his next single, retailers are paying close attention to what he wears, hoping his wardrobe choice for his next hit will spark a global trend.

PSY, Next Song? New Single Release Date & YouTube Live Stream On April 13 During Concert At Seoul World Cup Stadium [VIDEO]

YouTube's most celebrated performer could make history all over again. In 2012, Psy first posted the music video to his song "Gangnam Style." The video became an instant hit and received worldwide recognition. On December 21, 2012, it became the first YouTube video to reach one billion views and currently has over 1.4 billion. The superstar has now announced the release of his follow-up single for April 13.

'Gangnam Style' Follow-Up Announced, Psy Will Broadcast Live April 13 on YouTube (VIDEO)

Psy's 'Gangnam Style," made history as the first YouTube video to break one billion views. Released in July 2012, the video now has nearly 1.4 billion views and is known worldwide. But one man can't survive off just one single, no matter its success. Even Psy knows that, which is why the Korean performer has announced his follow-up to "Gangnam Style." Finally.

Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" Video Goes Viral, K-Pop Sensation Earns Over 9M Views In Four Days (Video)

Korean pop girl group Girls' Generation released a new music video "I Got A Boy" and it has reached international YouTube popularity, with over 9.1 million views.

New Year's Rockin’ Eve 2013 Performers Scheduled for Tonight; from Psy, Carly Rae Jepson, Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift

“Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” returns tonight on ABC with a full set of performances planned from the west and east coasts of the U.S.
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