Presidential Election 2012

Ann Romney Blames The Media For Mitt Romney's Presidential Loss To Obama (VIDEO)

Making their first public appearance since taking a hard lost during the 2012 presidential election, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared with his wife Ann on Fox News to talk about why and how he lost to incumbent Barack Obama.

Presidential Election 2012: 80 Percent Spending Spent on Local Television; PACs Considered Big Reason for Record, Says TVB

Presidential elections can be expensive and the 2012 election year provided records.

Mitt Romney Wins 2012 PolitiFact "Lie of the Year" Award for Jeep Falsehood During Presidential Campaign

Mitt Romney can finally say he won. President of the United States still remains out of his reach, but he has been awarded PolitiFact’s 2012 “Lie of the Year” Award.

Mitt Romney Disneyland Photos: Failure Is Its Own Reward

Obama is stuck dealing with the fiscal cliff, war in Gaza and a Twinkie shortage. Mitt Romney is gassing up the car and heading to Disneyland!

Popular Vote 2012 Results: Breakdown by Marital Status, Age, Religion, Gender

We can glean a great deal of information from exit polling.

Mitt Romney Gas Station Photo Shows Fall From Grace; Former Candidate Pumps His Own Gas, Looks "Tired and Washed Up"

A user on Reddit posted a blurry photo of a man at a gas station, purported to be one Willard Mitt Romney.

Nate Silver, Election Predictor at FiveThirtyEight, Comes Out As Gay; Credits His Success to Being An "Outsider"

Election prediction guru Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight credits his interest in math and numbers with being an outsider when he was young—nerdy, agnostic and gay.

In Debating New Direction For the Party, Republicans Agree on Only One Thing: It's Mitt Romney's Fault

Just two weeks after many Republicans thought Mitt Romney was poised to win the presidency, he is persona non grata in most conservative circles.

Popular Vote 2012: Results Breakdown by Sex, Sexuality, Income and Religion

We can glean a great deal of information from exit polling.

Hacker Group "Anonymous" Claims to Prevent Karl Rove Vote-Flipping Scheme in Ohio

A message purported to be from the hacker group Anonymous claims they foiled an attempt by Karl Rove to rig the presidential election in Ohio.

Popular Vote 2012: Results Breakdown of Presidential Election by Religion, Race, Education and Income

exit poll data sheds some light on the makeup of this year's voters and their choices.

Women Voters in 2012 Presidential Election: Results Breakdown

The magnitude of Obama’s win in last week’s presidential election is becoming apparent, and he did it with the largest gender gap ever recorded—18 percent.

Election Results 2012: Republicans Argue Over Direction of Party, Bobby Jindal Says Romney is "Absolutely Wrong" On "Gifts" Comment

A little more than a week after a presidential election that saw their platform repudiated by a large portion of the country, Republicans are reflecting on their failure, and some are even admitting they were wrong.

Popular Vote 2012: Breakdown by Age, Income and Education Demographics

Until the popular vote is fully counted and the totals are certified, we won’t know exactly what this year’s electorate looked like. But we can glean a great deal of information from exit polling.

Election 2012 Results: Romney Says Obama Won Because of "Gifts" to African-Americans, Latinos and Young People

Mitt Romney blamed his loss in last week’s election on “gifts” he said President Obama gave to minorities and other interest groups.
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