Presidential Election

2016 Presidential Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Has Edge Over Chris Christie

Although we're still in 2013 and have a whole other three and a half years to elect another president, polls already show that Hillary Clinton is coming out on top and leading among popular potential Republican contenders like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Current Presidential Election 2012 Results: CNN Projects Obama Win in Vermont; Romney Takes Kentucky

The first projected election results are in Tuesday, and the Obama campaign has claimed victory in Vermont, while the Romney campaign can celebrate a win in Kentucky.

Hurricane Sandy 2012 - Aftermath: Could Election Delay Voting in East Coast States? Obama Earns High Marks for Response

Could Election Delay Voting in East Coast States?; Obama earns high marks for response

Latest Swing State Polls 2012: Prior to Final Debate, Obama and Romney in Dead Heat for Florida

Polls differ among who leads for Florida's 29 electoral college votes

Latest Swing State Polls: Obama, Romney Scramble for Florida Latino Voters as Final Debate Draws Closer

Two polls show Presidential race tight in both swing states leading into Monday's final Presidential Debate

USA General Elections 2012: Obama Losing Support of Black Voters, Polls Say Yes and No

Is President Obama losing ground among black voters, the same group that pretty much voted him into office? A recent Pew Research poll says no.

Latinos Could be Key Voters in Swing States Florida, Colorado, Nevada

Races are tight in those three key swing states

US Approves Thousands of Immigrant Youths For Deferred Action Program

More than 4,500 youths now allowed to work legally in the U.S.

Romney vs. Obama 2012: Are Presidential Polls Accurate?

With election season in full swing, polls are constantly being thrown at the public, showing how many of a certain population favors each candidate.
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