President Obama
Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig

ISIS Beheading Video of Peter Kassig Revealed; US Aide Dead

Extremist group ISIS is back on international headlines after it was confirmed that it had beheaded yet another hostage.
US Election 2014

US Election 2014 Results: New York, Texas & California

The Republicans were victorious in the aftermath of the 2014 midterm elections in the United States.
James Foley

James Foley Beheading Video is Fake? US Officials Say It's 'Authentic'

A video allegedly showing the decapitation of James Foley, an American freelance journalist, is said to be authentic
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Accidentally Drops Trousers at Airport

The controversial pop singer was seen flying out of LAX and many had the chance to witness the trousers of the young heartthrob get dangerously low during airport security checkup.
Pope Francis and President Barack Obama

President Obama Finally Meets Pope Francis; Talks About Abortion?

This is one for the history books: U.S. President Barack Obama has finally met and shook hands with Pope Francis at no less than the Vatican
President Barack Obama

It appeared that the eagle-eyed members of a nonprofit group are to be commended for this discovery

Did Edward Snowden leak this bit of information recently? No need – the U.S. Air Force did the deed itself by declassifying a 15-page policy directive the previous week.
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones producers know how the story plays out.

The "Game of Thrones" cast graced the cover of the April issue of Vanity Fair, which is appropriate since the new season is slated to premier on HBO April 6.
Previous POY Winner President Barack Obama

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2013: Why Miley Cyrus Can Beat Pope Francis as POY?

The POY is identified as the biggest newsmaker of the year. And if Miley Cyrus continues to play her cards right, she might just beat her illustrious co-contenders, which includes the much-admired Pope Francis and even Amazon’s innovative founder Jeff Bezos.
Secret Service

Two Secret Service Agents Removed From Obama’s Detail After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Two U.S. Secret Service officers are under investigation and have been demoted from President Barack Obama's security detail after being accused of sexual misconduct.
Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform 2013 News: Former GOP Governor Urges Republicans to Pass Reform, Asks 'What Would Reagan Do?'

Frank Keating, the head of the American Bankers Assn. and a former Republican governor, is calling on his party to pass comprehensive immigration reform and lend their support to the bipartisan Senate immigration bill. According to him, it's what GOP party hero Ronald Reagan would do.
Homeland Security

Homeland Security Employees Reportedly Abused Overtime Pay, According to Whistle-Blower

A new report by the Office of Special Counsel alleges that Department of Homeland Security staff abused overtime pay by not working during overtime hours.
President Obama

President Obama's Approval Rating Reaches All-Time Low

President Obama's job approval rating has fallen to its lowest point since he took office.
National Security Agency (NSA) Spying

President Obama Considering Banning Spying on Allied Leaders

President Obama is considering enforcing a ban on the National Security Agency's monitoring of allied heads of state.
Obamacare Protest

Funny 'Obamacare: More Than a Glitch' Parody Video Goes Viral [Watch]

The Affordable Care Act has been a hot topic of debate since House Republicans shutdown the federal government in an attempt to undercut the law and a website glitch that impaired its debut on October 1.
President Obama Talks Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform 2013 News: Republicans Push for House GOP Members to Pass Bill

Republican groups have stepped up their efforts in lobbying House GOP members to pass an immigration reform bill.
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