President Obama
Aaliyah and Police Officer

D.C. Teen Who Whipped and Nae Nae'd with a Police Officer Now Receiving Scholarship Offers [Watch]

A dance battle with a police officer has lead to multiple scholarship offers for a D.C. teen.
G20 Leaders Meet In St. Petersburg For The Summit

President Obama and Vladimir Putin to meet at UN next week, both deny asking for meeting

The last time Obama and Putin met was in November 2014 when they discussed Ukraine and Syria; countries that countinue of major concern to both leaders.
Pope Francis Celebrates Mass In Bolivia During South American

Pope Francis 2015 US Visit [TOUR DATES, SCHEDULE & ITINERARY] Get All The Details for the September Papal East Coast Visit

Who wants to see the Pope Francis next week? Or avoid the traffic he will for sure bring along with him? Either way here's a guide to his whereabouts once he arrives in the United States on Sept. 22. and makes his way through D.C, New York City, and Philadelphia.
Alison Parker and Adam Ward

WDBJ TV Station Pays Tribute to Alison Parker, Adam Ward; Obama Speaks on Tragic Event 'Heartbreaking'

After the tragic shooting of a reporter and photographer during a live television broadcast in Virginia, President Obama has spoken out on Wednesday morning's events.
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Advising President Obama on His Future Plans

Latina actress Eva Longoria is offering her advice to President Barack Obama on what he should do after his term as America’s leader ends in 2017.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate For Reform Outside Of Sen. Rubio's Office

Immigration reform news 2015 – Obama’s policies generated $422 million in DACA application fees

Undocumented children paying the $465 DACA application fee have contributed over $400 million in revenue for the U.S. economy since the Deferred Action program took effect.
Obama: 'I need prayer'

Summit of the Americas 2015 News - Castro and Obama Shake Hands, Cuba Expected to be Removed from Terrorism List

It was a handshake over 50 years in the making. U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuba President Raul Castro met for the first time Friday night, shaking hands at a gala dinner attended by Latin American leaders visiting Panama for the Summit of the Americas meetings.
Reforma Migratoria

Immigration Reform 2015 News – De Blasio, Garcetti Lead Coalition Backing Obama’s Executive Order

Over 70 cities and counties on Monday joined Mayors Bill de Blasio and Eric Garcetti in asking a federal judge to stop the Texas v. United States lawsuit.
March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect

IRS Defends President’s Order on Tax Returns for Undocumented Immigrants

GOP lawmakers are adament in stopping legislation on Obama's executive action that includes a pardon on previously unpaid taxes.
Obama pide al Congreso autorizar fuerza militar en contra de ISIS

President Obama's Immigration Message to Latino Community: History is On Our Side

President Obama met with South Florida's bilingual community on Wednesday, easing concerns about House Republicans' efforts to undermine his executive order on immigration.
President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Three Ways the Republican State of the Union Response Failed Latinos

In response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech, Republicans omitted Latinos from their English-speaking response.
Presidente Barack Obama

Obama, Republicans Prepare for This Week’s Immigration Battle – 3 Things You Need to Know

Last week's attack on a satirical French newspaper highlight the impact of immigration reform and how another government shutdown would leave both the GOP and President Obama in an unfavorable light.
Previous POY Winner President Barack Obama

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2013: Why Miley Cyrus Can Beat Pope Francis as POY?

The POY is identified as the biggest newsmaker of the year. And if Miley Cyrus continues to play her cards right, she might just beat her illustrious co-contenders, which includes the much-admired Pope Francis and even Amazon’s innovative founder Jeff Bezos.
Secret Service

Two Secret Service Agents Removed From Obama’s Detail After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Two U.S. Secret Service officers are under investigation and have been demoted from President Barack Obama's security detail after being accused of sexual misconduct.
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