'Transcendence' Movie Review: Wally Pfister's Johnny Depp Starrer is Confused & Burdened by Genre Cliches

"Transcendence" certainly starts off with great intentions and expectations. But the results are ultimately confused and the terrific turns by Hall and Depp are unable to truly rise above the mess.

'A Promise' Movie Review: A Clumsy & Confused Adaptation of Stefan Zweig's 'Journey Into the Past'

"A Promise" is ultimately a run-of-the-mill period film that neither elevates the genre or has anything new to add. The performances are solid throughout, but unfortunately the actors are unable to make sense of this choppy and derivative period melodrama.

'Divergent' Final Book 'Allegiant' Split in Two Films - Release Dates Announced

Lionsgate takes a page out of The Hunger Games by splitting last book of Divergent to two films

‘Wreck It Ralph 2’ Already In The Works?

The composer for the first "Wreck-It Ralph" film revealed that a script for the second film is already being prepared.

'Exodus: Gods And Kings' Writers to Work on Michael Fassbender's 'Assassin's Creed' Movie

"Exodus: Gods and Kings" screenwriters Adam Cooper and Bill Collage will rewrite the script for Michael Fassbender's "Assassin's Creed" film adaptation.

"Star Wars Episode 7' Casting News Update: Chewbacca Confirmed; Are Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill Confirmations Inevitable?

Last March, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated, "There will be some very familiar faces along with a trio of new young leads [in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII]." That first familiar face has apparently been confirmed. According to the Hollywood Reporter, peter Mayhew will be back as Chewbacca in the seventh installment of the franchise.

Oscar-Nominated Writer to Work on Tom Hardy's ‘Splinter Cell’ Movie

"X-Men: First Class" and "Up in the Air" screenwriter Sheldon Turner teams up with Doug Liman and Tom Hardy for the production of the film version of Ubisoft's video game, "Splinter Cell"

Reel Salazars: David's Favorite Comic Book Films Ever

The emergence of the comic book film over the last decade has resulted in a number of top quality films and an even greater number of mediocre and horrible ones. With the release of the solid "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" this weekend, Reel Salazars is looking to honor the best of the pack. Here are my top five favorite comic book films.

Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Story of ‘Top Gun 2’; Will Tom Cruise Join Film?

Fans of the 1986 action film "Top Gun" are in for a treat. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed in a recent interview with the Huffington Post that plans to make the sequel with the original lead Tom Cruise are still alive.

Dead Boy Found On ‘'Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron’’ Seoul Film Set

A body of a dead boy was found floating near the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" film shoot on Mapo Bridge, a landmark in South Korea that is known to be a suicide spot.

Reel Salazars: David's Top Three Favorite Avenger Movies

From 2008 until present day, Marvel has created the Avengers' universe in cooperation with Disney and Paramount Pictures. The films have been known for their quality and terrific box office success. But which films continue to stand the test of time. In honor of the release of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" I will write about my three personal favorite Avenger films thus far. They are ranked from third to first.

'Noah' Movie Review: A Bold & Imaginative Adaptation of the Bible Story With Great Performances & Some Questionable Fantasy Elements

Despite these shortcomings, Aronofsky's "Noah" dares to be bold with the source material and manages to create an intricate and psychologically-piercing thriller that also touches upon existential issues relating humans' interactions with God. The film's major fault may be that it strives to be a blockbuster when it really never needs to be. But even then, "Noah" sets a higher standard for what large Hollywood productions can achieve and should strive for.

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Movie Spoilers: Why Nick Fury Should Have Been Killed Off For Good

When Disney set out on creating its Marvel Universe, it is likely that the company felt that it was embarking on a lucrative project. There were certainly some risks to be had. Would audiences really warm up to some of the lesser known Super heroes? How much success would these films be from a financial standpoint? Would the company be able to maintain the quality from film to film or would they suffer from mediocrity exhibited by other comic book franchises?

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Movie Review (Minor Spoilers): Refreshing at Times in Its Depth, But Overly Cautious in its Risk-Taking

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is a lot of fun and features solid performances from its cast throughout. However, it is impossible to walk away from the film without feeling that it is incomplete; it becomes abundantly clear at the end that a lot was left out with the intention of saving things for the sequel. Fans of the Marvel Universe will undoubtedly savor and converse about all the questions left in store for the sequel, but the rest of the viewers might start to feel a bit wary about the ongoing parade of Marvel movies and their increasing manipulation.

Universal Hires Four Stunt Doubles to for Scenes Paul Walker Didn't Shoot in 'Fast & Furious 7'

After the unexpected death of actor Paul Walker last December, thousands of followers of the popular movie series "Fast and Furious" wondered what the future of the franchise would be without one of its most emblematic stars.
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