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Immigration reform gay rights

Immigration Reform 2013: New Poll Says Latinos Want Gay Couples Included In Immigration Reform Talks

A new poll indicates that nearly two-thirds of Latino voters want same-sex couples to be included as part of immigration reform in Washington.
Latino voters fiscal cliff

Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike on Wealthy Favored By Latinos; Latino Republicans Favor Spending Cuts, According to Survey

A new poll shows that more and more Latinos are in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy as a way to avoid the looming fiscal cliff.
Election 2012

Florida 2012 Pre-Election Polls Misrepresented The Latino Vote, New Report Finds

A new article released by Latino Decisions claims that pre-election polls in Florida were flawed in their representation of Latino voters.
Latino voting role in immigration reform

2012 Election Results: Latinos' Role on Election Day Driven by Immigration Reform; Will Washington Reform Policies After Record Turnout?

Record surge in Hispanic vote could force Washington's hand in passing comprehensive immigration reform
Barack Obama

Latino Voter Poll 2012: Latino Voters Highly Engaged as Support for Obama Rises

A new poll by impreMedia-Latino Decisions revealed that Latino voters have demonstrated an increased level of interest and engagement this election season.
Latino voters FLA, COLO, NEVADA

Latinos Could be Key Voters in Swing States Florida, Colorado, Nevada

Races are tight in those three key swing states
Barack Obama

Latino Vote 2012: New Mexico Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Obama, List Immigration as Top Priority

The latest report by Latino Decisions found that Latinos in New Mexico largely support President Obama and counts immigration and the economy as the most important issues of this election.
Obama Campaign

The Latino Vote: Colorado Latinos Enthusiastic About Presidential Election 2012 (Report)

A report released by Latino Decisions revealed that Colorado Latinos are much more enthusiastic about the 2012 presidential election than they were of the 2008 election.
Obama Campaign

Presidential Election Polls 2012: Latino Voters May Turn Virginia Blue

The latest report released by Latino Decisions revealed that increasing Latino voter support for Democrats in Virginia may lead to an Obama victory in that state.
Barack Obama

Presidential Election Polls 2012: Obama Sees Drop in Latino Support, Romney Continues to Lag Behind

A new poll released by Latino Decisions found that support for Obama among Latino voters dropped five points since last week.

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