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Apple vs. Samsung: Why Samsung's "It Doesn't Take a Genius" Ad Hurts the Company's Public Image

The Samsung vs. Apple wars have intensified over the last year as a lawsuit pitted both companies against one another. The release of their latest mobile devices in anticipation of the holiday season has only made the tensions rise to the point that Samsung has essentially declared and all out war on Apple that has the feel and look of the current presidential campaign. It is not uncommon for President Barack Obama to attack Mitt Romney as they vie to become the next "leader of the free world" but for a company to use nasty ads in a battle for consumer attention seems a bit out of the ordinary.
iPhone 5 Line in NYC

iPhone 5 Line Begins in New York City's 5th Avenue Apple Store a Week Early; Photos Show Campers Waiting in Queue for September 21 Launch

iPhone 5 fans (and publicists) are already making their presence felt in at least one Apple store in New York City as they have already started lining up for next week's iPhone 5 in-store launch.

Customers Respond to Reports That the iPhone 5 Pre-Order Stock Sold Out in an Hour

The iPhone 5, which Apple unveiled this week after months of intense consumer anticipation went on pre-order at midnight on Friday and within one hour Apple announced that it had sold out of its first batch of the next-gen handsets...Numerous people have posted comments in response to various news reports about the worldwide Apple feeding frenzy and here's a look at what some of them had to say.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5: Why the Note 2 Gives Samsung the Edge (Editorial)

The Apple vs. Samsung battle continues to escalate. The iPhone 5 went on a tirade this morning selling out pre-orders within an hour. But Samsung was not far behind. Days earlier, they made their next tablet/phone the Galaxy Note 2 available for pre-order. There is obviously no need to ponder Samsung's motives for the pre-order; they obviously wanted to see not if, but how they could minimize Apple's own pre-sales for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 UK Release Date and All You Need To Know About Pricing, Carriers & Plans

Apple fans in the UK can now begin the pre-order process for the iPhone 5 through the Apple Store Web site. UK network prices have also been announced for nearly all carriers.
iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 Release Date: Why the iPhone 4 is Now a Better Deal than the iPhone 4S and 5 for the Uninitiated

The iPhone 5 has finally been unleashed and it turned out to be what everyone dreamed of and expected. But after all the dust has settled, the iPhone 5 is truly not Apple's best smartphone deal on the market for the uninitiated. That distinction belongs to the iPhone 4; a device that is now two generations old. The question that will immediately arise is why? The answer to that inquiry comes down to one word: Economics. The key word is uninitiated.
iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Reactions, Comments, Opinions Roundup: Mixed Reactions after Apple's Keynote Event and Latest Smartphone Release, September 12, 2012

For months the media and consumers alike have been abuzz with anticipation of the release of the iPhone 5. With rumors circling about the upgraded, updated smartphone, expectations grew exponentially. Now that the iPhone 5 has finally been released, consumers are having mixed responses. Here is a look at a number of reactions from the general technology-loving public...

iPhone 5 Launch Today To Help Apple Overcome its Recent Overdose of Negative Publicity?

Apple has had its share of negative publicity, more so from consumers than the press, over its recent decisions to go up against Samsung in courtrooms around the world over intellectual property issues. Will tomorrow's highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 5 bee enough to stave off the negativity about the company, its products and business practices?
iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Event September 2012: Why the iPhone 5 Event Was a Disappointment

The world can now rejoice. The iPhone 5 is official after Apple showed off its latest gadget at a secret event on September 12. However, after all the big reveals made by the powerhouse company, it was hard not to feel disappointed with Apple’s presentation and that it failed by Apple standards.

Apple iPhone 5 Unveiling Event: Will It Help Apple Remedy the Negative Publicity Garnered Over its Lawsuits With Samsung?

As a result of the recent onslaught of Apple/Samsung litigation over intellectual property issues in courtrooms around the world, the public perspective on Apple as a company has dampened significantly. However, with the launch of the iPhone 5 expected the day after tomorrow, will Apple be able to regain the love and respect from consumers that it once held so firmly? Let's take a moment to consider...

iPhone 5 Rumors Roundup Before Wednesday September 12 Apple Event

Members of the media recently received a message from Apple reading "it's almost here" alongside the number 12 casting a shadow showing the number 5. This has led journalists to hedge bets that Apple will unveil its next-gen iPhone 5 on September 12th. Other rumors are also abounding regarding the new iPhone.
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

iPhone 5 Release Date Event Time and Place; What Devices Consumers Will Let Go to Own Apple's Latest Smartphone (Poll)

According to a recent poll conducted by the Latinos Post, people who plan to purchase Apple's latest smartphone iteration or "iPhone 5" are mostly consumers who already own an iPhone.
SIri on iOS 6

iOS 6 Release Date and Fan Reaction; Leaked Video Shows iOS 6 Booting on the iPhone 5

On September 12, the world should not only witness the unveiling of the latest high-profile mobile operating system, the iOS 6, but also see for itself if Apple's newest flagship smartphone is indeed the same device that has been leaked in pictures and videos (with largely same design but a larger screen) circulating on the internet, if the phone is released that is.
ipad mini iphone 5

iPad Mini Release Date: Consumers Want it In September, Survey Says

Consumers want the iPad Mini NOW says a survey from Pricegrabber.com. This adds to the anticipation that Apple is slated for a tremendous holiday season that will see its "New" iPhone and iPad mini launch one after another. It is widely believed that Apple will unveil the new iPad in October in order to not take away steam from its September launch of the iPhone.
Apple iPhone

iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5? Get Paid for Your Old iPhone through Apple's Recycling Program

Apple, Inc. is making available to its customers a “Reuse and Recycle” program that allows you to send in your current iPhone in exchange for an Apple gift card worth up to $345 that can be used towards purchasing any Apple products – perhaps the iPhone 5 upon its anticipated September launch?

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